The Island Plan Core Strategy was adopted by the Isle of Wight Council on 21 March 2012. The Core Strategy and the accompanying Proposals Maps replace the saved policies of the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) and the UDP Proposals Maps.

The council has also prepared an Environmental Statement and Adoption Statement to accompany the adopted Core Strategy.

The Core Strategy Proposals Maps (March 2012) are:

Overview Map
Inset 1 – Medina Valley
Inset 2 – Ryde
Inset 3 – The Bay
Inset 4 – West Wight
Inset 5 – Ventnor
Inset 6 – Arreton
Inset 7 – Bembridge
Inset 8 – Brading
Inset 9 – Brighstone
Inset 10 – Godshill
Inset 11 – Niton
Inset 12 – Rookley
Inset 13 – St Helens
Inset 14 – Wootton
Inset 15 – Wroxall
Inset 16 – Yarmouth

Additional Core Strategy Policy Guidance

The Council has produced guidance notes which aim to provide clarity for developers, agents and architects and other interested parties on matters contained within the Island Plan Core Strategy:

Mineral Safeguarding Areas

Sequential Testing

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