Area Action Plans are Development Plan Documents (DPDs) that focus on specific areas where significant change or conservation is needed and focuses on the delivery of area based regeneration initiatives. They can assist in producing a consensus as to the right strategy for an area and how it might be implemented and they can be a catalyst for getting several key agencies and landowners to work together.

The Council has refined the approach to the three Key Regeneration Areas identified in the previous Core Strategy and now proposes to prepare an AAP for each area – The Medina Valley, Ryde and The Bay.

It should be noted that the possible boundaries do not identify an area within which development would be permitted; they are not extensions of the current development envelopes. The boundaries identify broad locations within which the Council will consider a range of land uses, including residential, employment, leisure and green spaces. The AAP process will also identify which land uses would not be considered appropriate.

Page last updated on: 30/01/2012