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A-Z Index of Council Services

This page contains an A-Z listing of all the Services the Isle of Wight Council provides to the public. Note: If you are looking for an index of everything on this website please use the A-Z index of the website. To search for a service please enter keywords below or use the A-Z menu to search services alphabetically.

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A-Z List of Services

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Baby Clinics (Family Information Zone (FIZ))
Bad Weather (Winter Weather Advice)
Badgers (Ecology)
Badminton Courts (Medina Sports Hall)
Barking Dogs (Environmental Health - Noise Control)
Barton Hall (Medina Sports Hall)
Barton Primary School
Bats (Ecology)
Batts Copse (Countryside)
Bay Beacon (Isle of Wight Beacon)
Bay Suspensions (Parking Services)
Beaches (Recreation, Leisure and Public Spaces - General Information)
Beacon (Isle of Wight Beacon)
Becoming a Mentor (Isle of Wight Mentor Scheme)
Bees (Environmental Health - Bees)
Behaviour Support & Parenting Advice Team
Bembridge Community Library
Bembridge CE Primary School
Bembridge Harbour
Bembridge Parish Council
Benches (Public Seats and Benches)
Benefit Agency (Broadlands House)
Benefits (Adult Social Care Finance)
Benefits - Fraud
Benefits - Housing and Council Tax Benefit Entitlement
Benefits - Local Assistance Scheme
Benefits - Local Housing Allowance
Benefits - Overpayments
Benefits - Reporting A Change of Circumstances
Benefits - Reviews
Benefits - Verification/Proofs/Form Taken
Benefits General Enquiries
Benefits Hotline (Benefits - Fraud)
Bequests (Museum Service)
Bereavement Service (YMCA Children's Bereavement Service)
Bereavement Services - Burial
Bereavement Services - Cremation
Better Driving (Road Safety)
BEU (Business Effectiveness Unit)
Big Cat Sanctuary (Isle of Wight Zoo)
Big Day Out (Events - Big Day Out)
Big Wight Switch (Energy Initiatives)
Bikeability (Road Safety)
Billing Clients (Adult Social Care Finance)
Bins (Waste Collection)
Binstead Primary School
Biodiversity (Ecology)
Bird Flu (Animal Health and Welfare)
Birth Certificates (Registration of Births)
Birth Re-registering (Registration of Births, Deaths, Marriages and Civil Partnerships)
Births (Registration of Births)
Births Historical Searches (Registration of Births)
Blind Society (Isle of Wight Society for the Blind)
Blocked Drains - Roads (Roads and Highways - Flooding (drains and gullies))
Blocked Gullies - Roads (Roads and Highways - Flooding (drains and gullies))
Blue Badges
Boat Berths (Ryde Harbour)
Boat Licensing (Licence - Pleasure Boats)
Boat Mooring (Ryde Harbour) (Ryde Harbour)
Boat Parks (Dinghy Parks)
Body Piercing (Skin Piercing / Tattooing / Acupuncture)
Bonfires (Environmental Health - Air Quality)
Booking Squares (Town Squares Bookings)
Botanical Gardens (Ventnor Botanic Garden)
Bottle Banks (Recycling)
Bought Ledger (Creditor Payments)
Bouncers (Licence - Door Supervisor)
Bouncers (Security Industry Authority)
Bowling Green (Seaclose Park)
Box Office (Medina Theatre)
Brading CE Primary School
Brading Centre (Brading Town Council)
Brading Down (Countryside)
Brading Town Council
Brenda James Trust (School Music Service)
Bridleways (Public Rights of Way)
Brighstone CE Primary School
Brighstone Community Library
Brighstone Parish Council
Broadband (Superfast Broadband)
Broadlands House
Broadlea Primary School
Brown Signs
Browns Cafe (Browns Golf Course)
Browns Cafe and Clubhouse
Browns Golf Course
Browns Golf Course (Browns Cafe and Clubhouse)
Budget (Financial Management)
Budget 2013-14 (Consultations)
Building Control
Building Control - Applications/Approvals & Inspections
Building Control - Building Regulations (Technical)
Building Control - Dangerous Structures & Demolition
Building Control Officer (Building Control - Applications/Approvals & Inspections)
Building Control Officer (Building Control)
Building Control Surveyor (Building Control)
Building Inspection (Building Control)
Building Notice Application (Building Control - Applications/Approvals & Inspections)
Building Regulations (Building Control - Building Regulations (Technical))
Building Regulations (Building Control)
Building Regulations Application (Building Control - Applications/Approvals & Inspections)
Building Regulations Application (Building Control - Building Regulations (Technical))
Building Regulations Approval (Building Control - Applications/Approvals & Inspections)
Building Regulations Consent (Building Control - Applications/Approvals & Inspections)
Building Sites (Pollution Control - Construction Information)
Building Surveyor (Building Control - Applications/Approvals & Inspections)
Building Surveyor (Building Control)
Building Works Affecting the Highway
Building Works Affecting the Highway (Licence - Highways Projection)
Building Works Affecting the Highway (Roads and Highways - Obstructions)
Bullying (Anti-Bullying)
Bullying (Education Welfare)
Burial/Grave Details (Bereavement Services - Burial)
Bus Cushions (Road Markings and Signage - Speed Humps)
Bus Pass (English National Concessionary Bus Fare Scheme)
Bus Passes (Public Transport)
Bus Shelters
Business Advice
Business Awards
Business Development (Economic Development)
Business Effectiveness Unit
Business Fire Safety
Business Grants
Business Intelligence (Business Effectiveness Unit)
Business Intelligence (Isle of Wight Facts & Figures)
Business Planning (Internal) (Business Effectiveness Unit)
Business Rates - Change of Address
Business Rates - General Enquiries
Business Rates - Making Payment
Business Rates - Reliefs, Discounts, and Exemptions
Business Rates - Valuation/Rateable Value Enquiries
Business Rates Deferral Scheme
Business Rates Recovery - Liability Orders
Business Rates Recovery - Reminders
Business Rates Recovery - Summonses
Business Support Team (Schools and Learning)
Buy With Confidence
Buying a Grave (Bereavement Services - Burial)
Byway (Public Rights of Way)