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Children and Young Peoples Services

Services for Adults on the Isle of Wight

A-Z Index of Council Services

This page contains an A-Z listing of all the Services the Isle of Wight Council provides to the public. Note: If you are looking for an index of everything on this website please use the A-Z index of the website. To search for a service please enter keywords below or use the A-Z menu to search services alphabetically.

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A-Z List of Services

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Safeguarding Adults (Adult Safeguarding)
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (Adult Safeguarding)
Safer Neighbourhoods (Community Safety Services)
Safety Cameras (Speed Cameras - Maintenance Only)
Safety Inspection - Homes in Multiple Occupation
Sale of Rowlandson prints (Rowlandson Prints)
Sale of Sundry Items
Sales (old books etc) (Library Services)
Sales Advice (Consumer Direct)
Salisbury Gardens (I.O.W Coastal Visitor Centre)
Salting (Highways Winter Maintenance)
Sandbags (Highways Maintenance)
Sandham Gardens
Sandown Academy (Sandown Bay Academy)
Sandown Bay Academy
Sandown Help Centre
Sandown High School (Sandown Bay Academy)
Sandown Library
Sandown Tourist Information (Tourist Information)
Sandown Town Council
Sandown Zoo (Isle of Wight Zoo)
Sauna (Heights Health Suite)
Sauna Medina Leisure Centre
Scaffolding Permits (Licence - Scaffolding and Hoarding)
School Addresses (Schools and Learning)
School Admission Appeals (Education Appeals)
School Admissions
school assets (Schools Reorganisation)
School Based Work Experience
School Bus Passes (School Transport Eligibility)
School Calendar (School Term and Holiday Dates)
School Catering
School Complaints
School Contacts (Schools and Learning)
School Crossing Patrols
School Crossing Patrols (Road Safety)
School Curriculum
School Data
School Dinners (Free School Meals)
School Dinners (School Catering)
School Funding
School Governors
School Health
School Improvement (Schools and Learning)
School Infrastructure (Schools and Learning)
School Locations (Schools and Learning)
School Meals (Free School Meals)
School Meals (School Catering)
School Music Service
school organisation (Schools Reorganisation)
School Performance Tables (School Curriculum)
School Places (School Admissions)
School Playing Fields (Contract Management Unit)
school premises (Schools Reorganisation)
School Records
school reorganisation (Schools Reorganisation)
School Supervised Medication
School Term and Holiday Dates
School Transport
School Transport Eligibility
School Travel (School Transport)
School Travel Plans (Traffic Management)
School Uniform (School Uniform Grants)
School Uniform Grants
schools (Fire Service - Education)
Schools - Travel Passes (School Transport Eligibility)
Schools and Learning
Schools Reorganisation
Schools' Forum
Score on the Doors (Food Hygiene Rating Scheme)
Scrap Metal Dealer Registration
Seaclose Cricket Pitch Bookings (Recreation, Leisure and Public Spaces - General Information)
Seaclose Park
Searches (Highways Development Control)
Searches (Land Charges) (Local Land Charges)
Seatbelts (Road Safety)
Seats (Public Seats and Benches)
Seats (Street Furniture)
Second Homes (Council Tax)
Secondary Curriculum (School Curriculum)
Secondary School Places (School Admissions)
Secondary Schools (School Admissions)
Section 38 (Adoption of Roads)
Section 50 (Highway Network Management)
Section 52 (Local Land Charges)
Section 58 (Highway Network Management)
Securing Premises after Incidents
Security Industry Authority
Selling to the Council (Procurement)
SEN (Special Education Needs (SEN))
SEN Admissions (Special Education Needs (SEN))
SEN Services (Specialist SEN Services)
SEN transport (School Transport Eligibility)
SENDIST Appeals (Exclusions)
Sensory Impaired Service (Specialist SEN Services)
Sensory impairment (Adult Groups)
Sensory Impairment Survey
Sensory Support Team
Sensory Support Team (Sensory Support Team)
Septic Tanks Certificates (not emptying of)
Service Planning (Business Effectiveness Unit)
Sewage (Not Private Property) (Southern Water)
sewage (Public Health - Drainage)
Sexual Health
Shalfleet CE Primary School
Shalfleet Parish Council
Shanklin CE Primary School
Shanklin Community Library
Shanklin Crazy Golf/Putting (Shanklin Esplanade)
Shanklin Esplanade
Shanklin Lift
Shanklin Putting Green and Crazy Golf
Shanklin Theatre
Shanklin Tourist Information (Tourist Information)
Shanklin Town Council
Shared Ownership
Sheltered Housing
Shide Chalk Pit/Shide Quarry (Countryside)
Shoreline Management Plan (Coastal Management (including Coast Protection))
Short breaks funded by Aiming High (Aiming High)
Short Term Intervention (Social Work Assessments)
Short Term Team 1 (Social Work Assessments)
Short Term Team 2 (Social Work Assessments)
Short Term Team 3 (Social Work Assessments)
Shorwell Parish Council
Showground (Northwood County Showground)
SIA (Security Industry Authority)
Sign Language (Translation and Interpreting)
SINCs (Ecology)
Single Non-Emergency Number (Police 101)
Site Inspection (Building Control - Applications/Approvals & Inspections)
Site Visit (Building Control - Applications/Approvals & Inspections)
Site Visit (Building Control)
Sixth Form Access Funds (Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA))
Skate Park (Seaclose Park)
Skin Piercing / Tattooing / Acupuncture
Skip Permits
Skip Services (Skip Permits)
Sleeping Policeman (Road Markings and Signage - Speed Humps)
Slipways (Recreation, Leisure and Public Spaces - General Information)
Small Sewage Treatment Plants (Septic Tanks Certificates (not emptying of))
Smoke detectors (Home Fire Safety)
Smoke Free Legislation
Smoking (Health Promotion Team - Newport)
Snow (Winter Weather Advice)
Snow Clearance
Social Activities (Support Groups and Organisations)
Social Care (Adult Social Care)
Social housing policy (Housing Strategy)
Social Services (Adult Social Care)
Social Services HQ (Adult Social Care)
Social Services Referral - Children (Social Work Assessments)
Social Work Assessments
SOEC (Solent Ocean Energy Centre (SOEC))
Solent Music Project (School Music Service)
Solent Ocean Energy Centre (SOEC)
Somerfield Square Bookings (Town Squares Bookings)
Sound Advice
South Central Connexions (Education, Employment and Training (14-19 years))
South Wight Beacon (Isle of Wight Beacon)
South Wight Housing Association
Southern Electric
Southern Housing (South Wight Housing Association)
Southern Water
SPD (Planning Policy)
Special Education Needs (SEN)
Special Education Needs (SEN) for Higher Education only (Student Finance - Returning Students)
Special Needs (Special Education Needs (SEN))
Special Schools Catering Service (School Catering)
Special Trade Collections (Commercial Waste)
specialist equipment (Independent at Home)
Specialist rescues (Responding to Emergencies)
Specialist SEN Services
Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD Support)
Spectrum Housing (Medina Housing Association)
Speech and Language Therapy Service (Speech, Language and Communication Service (Speech and Language Therapy))
Speech, Language & Communication Service (Specialist SEN Services)
Speech, Language and Communication Service (Speech and Language Therapy)
Speed Cameras - Maintenance Only
Speed Checks (Road Safety - Speed Checks)
Speed Cushions (Road Markings and Signage - Speed Humps)
Speed Humps (Road Markings and Signage - Speed Humps)
Speed Limits (Roads and Highways - Speed Limits)
SPG (Planning Policy)
Spillage (Commercial Waste)
Spillage - Roads
Spillage of Oil, Diesel or Chemicals (Highways) (Spillage - Roads)
SpLD (SpLD Support)
SpLD Support
SpLD Tutorial Centres (Specialist SEN Services)
Sponsorship (Advertising)
Sponsorship of Roundabouts (Recreation, Leisure and Public Spaces - General Information)
Sports (Family Information Zone (FIZ))
Sports Centre (Heights Leisure Centre)
Sports Centre (Rew Valley Sports Centre)
Sports Centre/hall (Medina Leisure Centre)
Sports clubs (Support Groups and Organisations)
Sports Courses (Sports Development Unit)
Sports Development Unit
Sports facilities (Leisure Services (authority managed facilities))
Sports Grants (Sports Development Unit)
Sports Hall (Medina Sports Hall)
Sports Pitches (Recreation, Leisure and Public Spaces - General Information)
Sports Unit (Sports Development Unit)
Squash (Westridge Squash and Tone Zone Gym)
Squash (Westridge Squash Courts)
Squash Heights
St Andrews Community Hall
St Boniface Tennis Courts
St Francis Catholic and CE (Aided) Primary School
St Georges School
St Helens Parish Council
St Helens Primary School
St James Square (Town Squares Bookings)
St Mary's Hospital
St Marys Catholic Primary School
St Saviours Catholic Primary School
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School
St Thomas Square (Town Squares Bookings)
Stadium (Licence - Sports Ground)
Stage Licences (Child Entertainment Performance)
Stamp Duty (Electoral Registration)
Statement (Special Education Needs (SEN))
Statistical Analysis (Business Effectiveness Unit)
Statistics (Island) (Isle of Wight Facts & Figures)
Statutory Register (Common Land) (Local Land Charges)
STD's (Sexual Health)
Stillbirth - Registering (Registration of Deaths)
Stonham Housing Association
Stop Smoking (Health Promotion Team - Newport)
Stores (Corporate Stores)
Storing Poisons (Non-Medicinal Poisons Registration)
Strategic Asset Management
Strategic Partnerships
Strategic Projects (Isle of Wight Facts & Figures)
Stray Dogs (Dog Service)
Street Cleaning
Street Collections (Charitable Collections)
Street Furniture
Street Lighting (Lighting - Street Lights)
Street Litter (Street Cleaning)
Street Naming and Numbering
Street Trading - Consents (Licensing - Street Trading & Charitable Collections)
Street Trading - Illegal (Licensing - Street Trading & Charitable Collections)
Street Works Licence (Highway Network Management)
Strengthening Families Programme (Support for Families)
Structures (Highways Structures)
Structures (Retaining Walls)
Student Awards (Student Finance - Returning Students)
Student Finance - New Students
Student Finance - Returning Students
Student Loans (Student Finance - Returning Students)
Student Support (Student Finance - Returning Students)
Student Workplacement (School Based Work Experience)
Subject Access Request (Data Protection)
Subjects (School Curriculum)
Summer Activities (Family Information Zone (FIZ))
Summerfields Primary School
Sunday Trading
Superfast Broadband
Supplementary Planning Documents (Planning Policy)
Supplementary Planning Guidance (Planning Policy)
Suppliers (Procurement)
Supplies (Procurement) (Procurement)
Supplying the Council (Procurement)
Support (Support Groups and Organisations)
Support and Advice for Families
Support for Adults with HIV (Community Safety Services)
Support for Children with HIV (Community Safety Services)
Support for Families
Support for special educational needs (SEN) (Parent Partnership Service)
Support Groups (Young Carers)
Support Groups and Organisations
Supported Housing (Sheltered Housing)
Supported Tenancies
Supporting People
Supportive Lodgings (Combined Accommodation Scheme)
Sure Start (Special Education Needs (SEN))
Surestart (Special Education Needs (SEN))
Surface Water (Roads and Highways - Flooding (drains and gullies))
Surveying (major repairs)
Surveys (Consultations)
Sustainability (Energy Management)
Sustainable Development (Energy Management)
Sustainable Tourism (Energy Management)
Swan Pedaloes (Canoe Lake)
Swanmore House (Adults Mental Health Team)
Swimming Lessons
Swimming Pool (Heights Leisure Centre)
Swimming Pool (Medina Leisure Centre)
Swimming Pools (Leisure Centres)
Syringes (Community Safety Services)
Syringes (Street Cleaning)