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A-Z Index of Council Services

This page contains an A-Z listing of all the Services the Isle of Wight Council provides to the public. Note: If you are looking for an index of everything on this website please use the A-Z index of the website. To search for a service please enter keywords below or use the A-Z menu to search services alphabetically.

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A-Z List of Services

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Hackney Carriage (Licensing Taxis)
Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver's Licence
Hairdressing (Skin Piercing / Tattooing / Acupuncture)
Hampshire & Isle of Wight Practitioner & Patient Service
Handy Man (Age Concern)
Harassment Help (Community Safety Services)
Harbour (Bembridge Harbour)
Harbour (Cowes Harbour)
Harbour (Island Harbour)
Harbour (Newport Harbour)
Harbour (Ryde Harbour)
Harbour (Yarmouth Harbour)
Havenstreet & Ashey Parish Council
Haylands Primary School
Hazardous Waste Collection
Head of Democratic Services (Corporate Governance Manager)
Head of Highways and Transport
Head of Human Resources
Health & Safety at Work - investigation (Accidents (at work))
Health Advice (Health Authority - Health Advice)
Health and Safety - Training Courses
Health and Safety at work - Investigation
Health and Safety at Work - Regulation and Inspection (External)
Health and Wellbeing Board
Health Authority - Health Advice
Health Promotion Team - Newport
Health Suite (Heights Health Suite)
Healthy Lives (Health Authority - Health Advice)
Hearing Impaired (Sensory Support Team)
Hearing Impaired Service (Specialist SEN Services)
Heart (Hospice Care for Children)
Hedge Cutting - Council owned hedges
Hedgerow Regulations 1997 (Hedgerow Removal Notices)
Hedgerow Removal Notices
Hedges (Hedge Cutting - Council owned hedges)
Hedges - Overhanging
Heights Cafe
Heights Fitness Classes (Fitness Classes)
Heights Health Suite
Heights Leisure Centre
Heights Squash (Squash Heights)
Heights Swimming Pool (Swimming Lessons)
Heights Swimming Pool (Swimming)
Heights Tone Zone (Tone Zone Fitness Studios)
Help Centre - Freshwater (West Wight Information Centre)
Help Centre - Newport (Customer Services)
Help Centre - Ryde (Ryde Help Centre)
Help Centres (Information Centres)
Help with claiming benefits (Supporting People)
Help with dealing with professionals (Supporting People)
Help with learning domestic and/or social skills (Supporting People)
Help with managing your money (Supporting People)
Help with personal safety in the home (Supporting People)
Help with security of your home (Supporting People)
Helplines (Family Information Zone (FIZ))
High Hedges
High Sheriff
Highway Bridges (Highways Structures)
Highway Network Management
Highway Retaining Walls (Highways Structures)
Highways Defect (Highways Maintenance)
Highways Design
Highways Development Control
Highways Disabled Access
Highways Insurance Claims
Highways Maintenance
Highways PFI
Highways Structures
Highways Winter Maintenance
Historic Buildings (Conservation, Listed Buildings & Urban Design)
HMO Licensing (Homes in Multiple Occupancy - Register)
Hoarding Permits (Licence - Scaffolding and Hoarding)
Holes in the Road (Potholes)
Holiday Homes (Council Tax)
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School
Home Adaptations (Independent at Home)
Home Adaptations - Disabled People
Home Care (Home Support Services)
Home Education (Educating at Home)
Home Energy Efficiency Scheme (Housing Renewals)
Home Energy Efficiency Scheme (Warm Front Scheme)
Home Fire Safety
Home fire safety checks (Home Fire Safety)
Home from Home (Hospice Care for Children)
Home Help (Home Support Services)
Home Improvements (Housing Renewals)
Home Improvements - Adaptation to a Council Property (Housing Renewals)
Home Improvements - Home Repair Assistance Grant (Housing Renewals)
Home Library Service
Home Modernisation - Council Properties
Home Ownership Service - Deeds
Home Ownership Service - Home Move Purchase Grants
Home Ownership Service - Services and Communal Repairs
Home Schooling (Educating at Home)
Home Support Services
Home to School (School Transport Eligibility)
Home to School Transport (School Transport)
Homecare Charges (Customer Accounts)
Homecarers (Child) (Family Information Zone (FIZ))
HomeFinder Scheme (Island HomeFinder Scheme)
homeless (Housing Options & Homelessness Prevention Advice)
Homeless Section
Homelessness (Combined Accommodation Scheme)
Homelessness (Homeless Section)
Homelessness (Isle of Wight Law Centre)
Homes in Multiple Occupancy - Register
Horse Riding (Public Rights of Way)
Horticultural Standards
Hospice (Earl Mountbatten Hospice)
Hospice Care (Earl Mountbatten Hospice)
Hospice Care for Children
Hospital (St Mary's Hospital)
House History on the Isle of Wight (Record Office)
House to House Collections (Charitable Collections)
Housebound Library Service (Home Library Service)
Household Pests (Pest Control)
Household Waste Recycling Centres
Housing (Combined Accommodation Scheme)
Housing - Home insurance
Housing - Insurance Claims Against the Council
Housing Association (Medina) (Medina Housing Association)
Housing Association (South Wight) (South Wight Housing Association)
Housing Benefit (Benefits General Enquiries)
Housing Benefits - Change of Circumstances (Benefits - Reporting A Change of Circumstances)
Housing Benefits - Fraud (Benefits - Fraud)
Housing Benefits - Verification/Proofs (Benefits - Verification/Proofs/Form Taken)
Housing Enforcement
Housing Enforcement (Housing Enforcement)
Housing for Key workers (Shared Ownership)
Housing Grants (Housing Renewals)
Housing List (Island HomeFinder Scheme)
Housing Options & Homelessness Prevention Advice
Housing options (Island HomeFinder Scheme)
Housing policy (Housing Strategy)
Housing Register (Homeless Section)
Housing Register (Island HomeFinder Scheme)
Housing Renewal (Carbon Monoxide)
Housing Renewal (Housing Enforcement)
Housing Renewals
Housing Repairs - Communal Areas
Housing Repairs - Council Property
Housing Repairs - Decoration and Disturbance Allowance
Housing Repairs - Emergency Out of Hours Repairs
Housing Repairs - Overdue Repairs - Discretionary Allowance
Housing Repairs - Rechargeable Repairs
Housing Services (Homeless Section)
Housing Services (Housing Options & Homelessness Prevention Advice)
Housing Services (Island HomeFinder Scheme)
Housing Services (Sheltered Housing)
Housing Strategy
Housing-related support (Supporting People)
HR - CRB enquiries
HR - Equality & Diversity (Equality & Diversity)
HRMC (Inland Revenue)
Hunnyhill Primary School