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Children and Young Peoples Services

Services for Adults on the Isle of Wight

A-Z Index of Council Services

This page contains an A-Z listing of all the Services the Isle of Wight Council provides to the public. Note: If you are looking for an index of everything on this website please use the A-Z index of the website. To search for a service please enter keywords below or use the A-Z menu to search services alphabetically.

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A-Z List of Services

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Damaged Road Signs (Highways Maintenance)
Dance (Family Information Zone (FIZ))
Dangerous Buildings (Building Control - Dangerous Structures & Demolition)
Dangerous Road Junctions (Road Safety - Dangerous Road Junctions)
Dangerous Structures (Building Control - Dangerous Structures & Demolition)
Dangerous Structures and Public Safety (Building Control - Dangerous Structures & Demolition)
Dangerous Wild Animals Licence
DAT (Community Safety Services)
Data Protection
Data Protection Act (Data Protection)
Data Quality (Business Effectiveness Unit)
Day activities (Community Services for Adults)
Day Care (Community Services for Adults)
Day Nurseries (Family Information Zone (FIZ))
Dead Animals (Animals - Dead)
Dead Swans (RSPCA)
Death Certificates (Registration of Deaths)
Deaths (Registration of Deaths)
Deaths - Historical Searches (Registration of Deaths)
Debt Counselling (Citizens Advice Bureau)
Declaration of Interest (Councillors)
Dedicated Seats (Public Seats and Benches)
Dedicated Seats (Recreation, Leisure and Public Spaces - General Information)
Dedicated Trees (Arboretum)
Deer (Ecology)
Defects (Highways Maintenance)
Defensive Driver Training (Road Safety)
Democratic Services
Demographics (Isle of Wight Facts & Figures)
Demolition (Building Control - Dangerous Structures & Demolition)
Demolition Notice (Building Control - Dangerous Structures & Demolition)
Demonstrations and Parades
Deposit Protection (Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme)
Depression (Adults Mental Health Team)
Design (Highways Design)
Developing Affordable Housing (Affordable Housing)
Development Control (Adoption of Roads)
Development plan documents (Planning Policy)
Dial a Bus (Dial-a-Bus)
Diesel Spillage (Spillage - Roads)
Digital Switchover
Dinghy Parks
Dinghy Parks (Recreation, Leisure and Public Spaces - General Information)
Dinosaur Isle
Dinosaur Isle Museum (Dinosaur Isle)
Dinosaur Isle Shop
Direct payment (Personal Budget)
Direct Payment Personal Budget (Personal Budget)
Direct Payment Personal Budgets (Personal Budget)
Directorate for Community Wellbeing and Social Care (Adoption)
Directory Enquiries (Colt Directory Enquiries)
Dirty Food Premises (Food Safety & Hygiene)
Disability (Children and Young Adults Disability Service)
Disability and Housing (Home Adaptations - Disabled People)
Disabled Access (Highways) (Highways Disabled Access)
Disabled Badge (Blue Badges)
Disabled Band Relief - Council Tax (Council Tax - Change in Circumstances)
Disabled Bay Renewal (Disabled Parking Bays)
Disabled Bay Request (Disabled Parking Bays)
Disabled Bus Pass (English National Concessionary Bus Fare Scheme)
Disabled Children (Children and Young Adults Disability Service)
Disabled Equipment (Independent at Home)
Disabled Facilities Grant (Home Adaptations - Disabled People)
Disabled Parking (Blue Badges)
Disabled Parking (Parking General Information)
Disabled Parking Bays
Disabled Students Allowance (Student Finance - Returning Students)
Disabled Toilet Facilities (RADAR Keys)
Discounts - Council Tax (Council Tax - Change in Circumstances)
Dispensations for Parking (Parking Services)
Displays (Temporary Exhibitions)
Disposal Sites (Commercial Waste)
Diversions (Road Closures)
Diversions (Roads and Highways - Works)
Divorce Papers (County Court)
Dodnor Creek (Countryside)
Dog Bin Emptying (Street Cleaning)
Dog Bin Requests (Waste Collection)
Dog Breeding Licence
Dog Fouling Cleansing (Street Cleaning)
Dog Orders (Dog Service)
Dog Registration (Dog Service)
Dog Service
Dog Warden (Dog Service)
Dogs On Beaches (Dog Service)
Domestic Abuse
Domestic Violence (Domestic Abuse)
Domestic Waste Collection (Waste Collection)
Domicillary Care (Home Support Services)
Door Staff (Licence - Door Supervisor)
Door Stewards (Security Industry Authority)
Doorman (Security Industry Authority)
Double Yellow Lines (Road Markings and Signage - Yellow Lines)
Dover Park Primary School
DPD (Planning Policy)
Drainage Maintenance (Drainage Schemes)
Drainage nuisance (Housing Enforcement)
Drainage Problems
drainage problems (Public Health - Drainage)
Drainage Schemes
Drains (Drainage Schemes)
Driver Training (Road Safety)
Dropped Kerbs/Crossovers
Drug Action Team (Community Safety Services)
Drugs Advisory Service (Community Safety Services)
Dump (Household Waste Recycling Centres)
Dustbins (Waste Collection)
Dutch Elm Disease (Trees with Protection Orders) (Tree Preservation Orders)
DX (County Hall DX ( Newport IOW))
Dyslexia (SpLD Support)