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Children and Young Peoples Services

Services for Adults on the Isle of Wight

A-Z Index of Council Services

This page contains an A-Z listing of all the Services the Isle of Wight Council provides to the public. Note: If you are looking for an index of everything on this website please use the A-Z index of the website. To search for a service please enter keywords below or use the A-Z menu to search services alphabetically.

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A-Z List of Services

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Pabulum (School Catering)
Paddling Pools (Play Facilities)
Paddling Pools (Recreation, Leisure and Public Spaces - General Information)
Paid Work or Work Experience and school Aged Pupils (Child Employment)
Paid Work or Work Experience and School Aged Pupils (School Based Work Experience)
Pan Development Team
Pan Neighbourhood Partnership (Pan Partnership Team)
Pan Partnership Team
Parent and Toddler Groups (Family Information Zone (FIZ))
Parent Partnership Service
Parent Prosecution (Attendance at School)
Parenting Orders (Youth Offending Team)
Parents (Family Information Zone (FIZ))
Park Centre
Parking Bay
Parking Fines (Penalty Charge Notices (PCN))
Parking General Enquiries (Parking Services)
Parking General Information
Parking Permits
Parking Permits (Blue Badges)
Parking Services
Parking Services (Parking Services)
Parking Suspensions & Dispensations
Parking Tickets (Penalty Charge Notices (PCN))
Parks (Recreation, Leisure and Public Spaces - General Information)
Parks Maintenance (Horticultural Standards)
Part Time Fostering (Respite Care - Children)
Parties (Childrens Parties)
partnerships (Strategic Partnerships)
Pavement Cafe (Licensing - Street Trading & Charitable Collections)
Pavements (including Dangerous Paving)
Paving Stone - Theft
Payment of invoices by the Council (Creditor Payments)
Payments of Invoices (Creditor Payments)
Payments to the Council (Customer Accounts)
Paypoint Outlets
PCN (Penalty Charge Notices (PCN))
Pedestrian Crossings
Penalty Charge Notices (PCN)
Penalty Notice (Environmental Health - Noise Control)
Pensioners Payroll (Pensions IWC)
Pensions - Current Member
Pensions - State (non-council)
Pensions IWC
People Off The Streets (POTS - People Off The Streets)
performance (Financial Management)
Performance Licences (Education Welfare)
Performance Licenses (Child Entertainment Performance)
Performance Management (Business Effectiveness Unit)
Performance/stage licences for school age children (Child Entertainment Performance)
Permits - Building Works (Building Works Affecting the Highway)
Permits - Building Works (Licence - Highways Projection)
Permits - Building Works (Licence - Scaffolding and Hoarding)
Permits - Building Works (Roads and Highways - Obstructions)
Personal Advisers (Education, Employment and Training (14-19 years))
Personal Budget
Personal Budgets (Personal Budget)
Personal Information (Data Protection)
Personal Injury Claims (Highways Insurance Claims)
Personal Licence (Licensing - Alcohol and Entertainment)
Personal Search (Local Land Charges)
Pest Control
Pet Shop Licence
Petrol Spillage (Spillage - Roads)
PFI (Highways PFI)
PH Water Monitoring
Physical disability (Adult Groups)
Pitch Hire (Medina Outdoor Hard Play/ Pitches)
Pitches (Medina Leisure Centre)
planning (Financial Management)
Planning Appeals
Planning Complaints (Planning Enforcement)
Planning DC Officer Appointments
Planning Enforcement
Planning General Enquiries
Planning Policy
Planning Public Speaking Line
Plant Sales (Ventnor Botanical Gardens) (Ventnor Botanic Garden)
Plasterboard Disposal
Play Facilities
Playgrounds (Play Facilities)
Playing Fields (Contract Management Unit)
Police 101
Poll Cards (Elections) (Elections Management)
Poll Tax Liability Order (Council Tax Recovery - Liability Order)
Poll Tax Reminder (Council Tax Recovery - Reminder Notices)
Poll Tax Summons (Council Tax Recovery - Summons Notice)
Polling Station (Elections) (Elections Management)
Pollution - Noise (Environmental Health - Noise Control)
Pollution Control - Air (Environmental Health - Air Quality)
Pollution Control - Asbestos
Pollution Control - Construction Information
Pollution Control - Contaminated Land
Pollution Control - Hazardous Substances
Pollution Control - Part B Authorisation
Pollution Control - Water
Pool Lifeguarding courses (Lifesaving courses)
Population Figures (Isle of Wight Facts & Figures)
Port Information
Positive acivities for the Young (Education, Employment and Training (14-19 years))
Post Codes
Postal address (Street Naming and Numbering)
Postal Votes (Elections) (Elections Management)
Potholes claims (Insurance Service)
POTS - People Off The Streets
Power of Attorney (Citizens Advice Bureau)
PR (Media Relations)
Pre application advice (Planning DC Officer Appointments)
Pre-Crime Scheme (Isle of Wight Early Interventions)
Pre-Schools (Family Information Zone (FIZ))
Predriver Training (Road Safety)
Pregnancy (Sexual Health)
premises development (Schools Reorganisation)
Press Office (Media Relations)
Press Releases (Media Relations)
Preventative Services (Isle of Wight Early Interventions)
Preventative Services (Youth Offending Team)
Primary Care Trust (Health Authority - Health Advice)
Primary Curriculum (School Curriculum)
Primary Schools (School Admissions)
Printed publications (Publications and graphic design)
Private Hire Operator's Licence
Private Hire Vehicle Licence (Licensing Taxis)
Private Property Compulsory Acquisition
Private Rent Deposit Protection (Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme)
Prize Bingo permits
Probate Office
Probation Office
Procurement Policy (Procurement)
Product Safety (Trading Standards - Advice)
Programme Management (Business Effectiveness Unit)
Project Assurance (Business Effectiveness Unit)
Project Management (Business Effectiveness Unit)
Property address (Street Naming and Numbering)
Property Alteration by Tenant
Property Demolition - Regeneration Service - Properties Affected
Property Demolition - Services for Council Tenants Affected by - Alternative Housing
Property Demolition - Services for Council Tenants Affected by - Disturbance Allowance
Property Demolition - Services for Council Tenants Affected by - Tenants Responsibilities
Property Enquiries (Commercial Land and Property)
Property Name Change (Street Naming and Numbering)
Property Searches (Local Land Charges)
Property Services - Building Management (Shared Services)
Proposals Map (Planning Policy)
Prosecutions Register
Protected Trees (Tree Preservation Orders)
Protection - Adults (Adult Safeguarding)
Protection of Vulnerable Adults (Adult Safeguarding)
Proxy Votes (Elections) (Elections Management)
Psychiatric Social Workers (Adults Mental Health Team)
Psychology (Educational Psychology Service)
Public Access (Public Rights of Way)
Public Convenience (Maintenance) (Property Services - Building Management (Shared Services))
Public Convenience Cleansing
Public Entertainment (Licensing - Alcohol and Entertainment)
Public Examination into Island Plan (Island Plan - Programme Officer)
Public Health (Health Promotion Team - Newport)
Public Health - Drainage
Public Health - Housing
Public Information (Freedom of Information Act 2000)
Public Loos (Public Convenience Cleansing)
Public Protection (Emergency Management)
Public Rights of Way
Public Seats (Public Seats and Benches)
Public Seats and Benches
Public Speaking (Planning) (Planning Public Speaking Line)
Public Toilets (Maintenance) (Property Services - Building Management (Shared Services))
Public Toilets (Public Convenience Cleansing)
Public Transport
Publication Scheme (Freedom of Information Act 2000)
Publications and graphic design
Puckpool Park (Recreation, Leisure and Public Spaces - General Information)
Purchase Ledger
Purchasing (Procurement)