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Children and Young Peoples Services

Services for Adults on the Isle of Wight

A-Z Index of Council Services

This page contains an A-Z listing of all the Services the Isle of Wight Council provides to the public. Note: If you are looking for an index of everything on this website please use the A-Z index of the website. To search for a service please enter keywords below or use the A-Z menu to search services alphabetically.

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A-Z List of Services

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e-Procurement (Procurement)
EAGA Partnership (Warm Front Scheme)
Ear-piercing (Skin Piercing / Tattooing / Acupuncture)
Earl Mountbatten Hospice
Early Help (Support and Advice for Families)
Early Interventions (Isle of Wight Early Interventions)
Early Preventation Scheme (Isle of Wight Early Interventions)
Early Support (Support and Advice for Families)
Early Years Funding (Family Information Zone (FIZ))
Early Years Funding (School Admissions)
East Cowes Community Hall
East Cowes Community Library
East Cowes Town Council
East Cowes Town Hall Bookings (East Cowes Town Council)
East Wight Beacon (Isle of Wight Beacon)
Easter Activities (Family Information Zone (FIZ))
Eco Island
Eco Island (Renewable Energy)
Ecological services (Ecology)
Economic Development
Economic Intelligence
Economic Partnership (Isle of Wight Economic Partnership)
eDemographics (Isle of Wight Facts & Figures)
Educating at Home
Educating Your Child At Home (Educating at Home)
Education (Education, Employment and Training (14-19 years))
Education (School Curriculum)
Education Admission (School Admissions)
Education Appeals
Education Finance (School Funding)
Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)
Education Otherwise Than at School (Educating at Home)
Education Participation Team (Education, Employment and Training (14-19 years))
Education Psychology (Educational Psychology Service)
Education Psychology (Specialist SEN Services)
Education Stores (Corporate Stores)
Education Welfare
Education, Employment and Training (14-19 years)
Educational Psychology Service
Educational Record (School Records)
Edward Edwards Community Library (Niton Library)
effectiveness (Financial Management)
Election Results (Elections Management)
Elections Management
Elective Home Education (Educating at Home)
Electoral Nominations (Elections Management)
Electoral Registration
Electoral Services (Elections) (Elections Management)
Electoral Services (Registration) (Electoral Registration)
Electrolysis (Skin Piercing / Tattooing / Acupuncture)
EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA))
Emergency Management
Emergency Management (Responding to Emergencies)
Emergency Planning (Emergency Management)
Emergency Planning (Responding to Emergencies)
Emergency Road Closures (Road Closures)
Emergency Road Closures (Roads and Highways - Works)
Emergency Telephones (Lifebelts)
Emissions (Pollution Control - Part B Authorisation)
Employing Children under 16 (Education Welfare)
Employment (Education, Employment and Training (14-19 years))
Employment advice (Community Services for Adults)
Employment and training (Community Services for Adults)
Employment and Training Initiatives (Adult, Community and Family Learning Service)
Employment Licence (Child Employment)
Employment Support Allowance Contribution based - Proposed Changes (Contribution-Based Employment and Support Allowance - Proposed Changes)
Employment under the age of 16 (Child Employment)
Empty Properties
Energy Initiatives
Energy Management
Enforcement (Planning Enforcement)
English National Concessionary Bus Fare Scheme
Entertainments Licensing (Fire) (Licensing - Alcohol and Entertainment)
Environment Agency
Environmental Health
Environmental Health - Health and Safety
Environmental Health - Air Quality
Environmental Health - Bees
Environmental Health - Environmental Protection
Environmental Health - Food Safety & Standards
Environmental Health - Noise Control
Environmental Health - Public Health
EOTAS (Educating at Home)
Equal opportunities Information (Equality & Diversity)
Equality & Diversity
Equipment for the disabled (Independent at Home)
Eroding Road Surface (Potholes)
Erosion (Coastal Management (including Coast Protection))
Esplanade Lift (Shanklin Lift)
Esplanade Pool (Waterside Pool)
Esplanades (Recreation, Leisure and Public Spaces - General Information)
Estates (Strategic Asset Management)
Estuaries (Estuaries Project)
Estuaries Project
European Resource Procurement - European funding (External Fund Finding)
Events (Family Information Zone (FIZ))
Events - Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week
Events - Big Day Out
Events - Isle of Wight Cycling Festival
Events - Isle of Wight Music Festival
Events - Isle of Wight Walking Festival
Events - Marine
Events - Parks (Recreation, Leisure and Public Spaces - General Information)
Events Team
exam certificates (School Records)
exam results (School Records)
exams (School Records)
Excess Charges (Penalty Charge Notices (PCN))
Exclusion Appeal Panel (Exclusions)
Exclusions (Education Welfare)
Exemptions - Council Tax (Council Tax - Change in Circumstances)
Exhibitions (Arts Development Unit)
Exhibitions (Temporary Exhibitions)
Exhuming a Deceased Body (Bereavement Services - Burial)
Existing Private Tenancy
Explosives Registration
Extended Schools
Extended Schools (Family Information Zone (FIZ))
External Fund Finding
External Health & Safety (Health and Safety at work - Investigation)