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Children and Young Peoples Services

Services for Adults on the Isle of Wight

Living on the Island

If you are a Island resident use this section to help you organise and deal with every stage of your life. Find out about refuse and recycling dates, births, deaths, marriages, recreational and sporting facilities and see forthcoming community or major events.


The Island boasts award winning beaches, unspoilt and amazing scenery and a rich historical heritage

Refuse and Recycling

The Isle of Wight Council is responsible for the collection, recycling, and disposal of waste

Sport and Leisure

Health and fitness activities, sports, leisure and recreational facilities for the local community

Life Events

Issues which affect all of us at some time such as an new baby, moving house and retirement

2012 Community Events
Community Events on iwight.com

In this section we will be bringing you all the latest information on forthcoming community events, whilst reflecting upon some of the key events that have already passed with a review and photo gallery.

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