Applications can be submitted to establish, in principle, whether or not a proposed development is acceptable. It is not necessary for this type of application to be supported by full detailed drawings of the proposal, although in certain instances for example, where a proposal lies within a Conservation Area or involves a Listed Building, the Council will usually ask for a ‘full application’ where all the necessary details are provided.

Should approval be granted, conditions will be applied requiring the submission of detailed plans within a specified period relating to ‘Reserved Matters’ for example siting, design and external appearance of the proposal, means of access, and possibly other conditions related to landscaping, car parking etc. Development may not take place without this further approval.

An outline permission normally lasts for five years but will lapse after three years if the detailed ‘Reserved Matters’ have not been applied for, or two years after the final approval of details if work has not then started within that period.

Making an Application
Application forms and information in respect of fees can be obtained from our ‘Forms & Fees’ section.

Page last updated on: 23/05/2005