This type of application includes plans, elevations and information describing the proposal in details, and is made where an outline application is not appropriate. Full permission normally lasts for five years but lapses after that time if development has not been started.

Note: The Council can vary time limits for implementing any consent. For example, full approvals for agricultural dwellings are restricted to one year to ensure the proven need is taken up, and similarly for the conversion of some barns to residential use, to ensure their condition has not deteriorated and that they remain capable of conversion.

If a planning permission has lapsed, the Council may be prepared to grant a further similar permission, although it is under no obligation to do so. If the planning policies have changed in the intervening period since the permission was first granted then a further consent may not be granted.

Making an Application
Application forms and information in respect of fees can be obtained from our ‘Forms & Fees’ section.

Page last updated on: 23/05/2005