Street Trading

Anyone intending to sell, expose or offer for sale any article (including a living thing) in any street on the Isle of Wight must obtain a street trading consent issued by Isle of Wight Council. This includes advertising the goods for sale.

This applies to all current and future streets, council car parks, recreation grounds and open spaces along with all public parks, gardens, amenity areas, sports areas, play areas and parking bays adopted by the council.

Street trading covers:
  • Markets
  • Mobile Traders
  • Static Traders

A street trading consent is not required if you are
  • Selling only newspapers and periodicals.
  • A pedlar
  • Selling goods for charitable purposes (but you will need a street collections permit (Click here for further information)
A pedlars certificate is issued by the police a certificate and once issued can be used anywhere in the United Kingdom.

The certificate allows a person to sell goods (usually trinkets, household goods and other hand made objects), whilst on foot. Pedlars can travel from door to door, place to place or town to town.

A pedlar goes to their customers to sell items rather than allow customers to come to them. If you do want to remain in one place (or in that vicinity), for example, on a street, such as a market place, then you would require a street trading consent.

The Isle of Wight Council’s Street Trading Policy is used by the licensing authority to assist it in the determination of applications for a street trading consent.

Apply for a Street Trading Consent

Applications can be made on line on the Council’s website


A fee must be paid at the time an application is made. The fee covers the cost of administration, inspection and enforcement activity.

Public Register

The public register of existing licences/consents/permits/registrations can be viewed on the Council’s website

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