Licensing Act 2003
The Licensing Act 2003 establishes a single integrated scheme for licensing premises, which are used for the supply of alcohol, to provide regulated entertainment or to provide late night refreshment. Authorisation to carry on some or all of these licensable activities are contained in a single premises licence, club premises certificate or temporary event notice.
The Act affects anyone concerned with:
  • Pubs and nightclubs
  • Off licences and shops selling alcohol
  • Restaurants serving alcohol
  • Businesses selling hot food between 11.00pm and 5.00am (including take-aways and mobile caterers)
  • Hotels, guest houses and other places that sell alcohol
  • Private members clubs, social clubs and sports clubs selling alcohol
  • Places that put on public entertainment
  • Theatres and amateur dramatic clubs
  • Cinemas
  • Indoor sporting events
  • Occasional entertainments of music or dancing
To assist applicants and to provide general advice we have produced a guidance booklet which can be downloaded here.

In addition to the local authority guidance booklet as mentioned above, statutory guidance is issued by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). To view details of the document and download click the link below.

Section 182 Guidance
If you require further assistance you are advised to contact the Licensing Team.

Licensing Act 2003 Seminar – 13 December 2010
Select here to view the presentation in full.

New Mandatory Conditions under the Licensing Act 2003
The Licensing Act 2003 (Mandatory Licensing Conditions) Order 2010 has introduced 5 new conditions that will apply to licensed premises and those with a club premises certificate.

From the 6th April 2010 the additional conditions will ban irresponsible promotions, ban the dispensing of alcohol directly into the mouth and ensure that customers have access to free tap water. From the 1st October 2010 conditions will also apply which require an age verification policy to be in place to prevent underage sales and ensure that customers have the opportunity to choose small measures of beers, ciders, spirits and wine.

It should be noted that Conditions 1,2,3 and 5 do not apply where the licence or certificate authorises the sale by retail or supply of alcohol only for consumption off the premises.
Further information and guidance relating to these mandatory conditions is available here.

Council Duties

The local authority is responsible for the administration and enforcement of all activities under the Licensing Act 2003.

The Council may only attach conditions to a licence when representations have been received from certain groups of people.

The Council maintains a register of licensed premises which can be viewed on the Council’s website

Further Information

Further information is available from the Licensing Team and can also be found on the DCMS website.

Apply for a Licence

Applications for each of the licences can be made on line on the Council’s website

Public Register

The council maintains public registers for all licences which have been granted. A summary of the public register licences, consents, permits and registrations can be viewed on the Council’s website

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