Adoption of Community Plans as Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)

Chale Village Design Statement, Nettlestone and Seaview Parish Plan and Yarmouth and Thorley Community Plan were adopted as Supplementary Planning Documents on 14 January 2013. The documents and further information can be viewed here.

Review of the Local Development Scheme (LDS)

The updated Local Development Scheme (October 2012) has been published and can be viewed here.

The Island Plan Core Strategy is Adopted

The Island Plan Core Strategy was adopted by the Isle of Wight Council on 21 March 2012. The documents and more information can be found here.

Background Information

Under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, the Government set in motion changes to the planning policy process which has seen the Island’s Unitary Development Plan (UDP) replaced by the Island Plan.

The Isle of Wight’s Local Plan is called the Island Plan and contains Local Development Documents (LDDs). These are the main documents within the Island Plan and consist of Development Plan Documents (DPDs) and Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs). The council will prepare the following:

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