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The following documents give access to data and information from past years. This area is being developed and the range of historic data and information available will increase over time.

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) 2009

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JSNA 2009 – Core Datasets

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The following datasets support the JSNA 2009, and provide data and charts on a number of heath related issues:

Prevalence of smoking among adults, and in pregnancy
4 week smoking quit rates
Consumption of fruit and vegetables among adults
Prevalence of breast-feeding at 6-8 weeks after birth
Rate of hospital admissions for alcohol-related harm per 100,000 population
Prevalence of binge-drinking among adults
Adult participation in physical activity
Under-18 teenage conception rate
Under-16 teenage conception rate
Modelled hypertension prevalence
Obesity among people aged 65+ - projected to 2025
Prevalence of obesity among adults
Obesity among Primary school age children in Reception Year
Obesity among Primary school age children in Year 6
All-age, all-cause mortality rate
Infant mortality rate among infants aged under 1 year
Life expectancy at birth
Life expectancy at birth (by ward and deprivation)
Main causes of death
Main causes of death (by gender and age)
Main causes of hospital admission
Self-reported health & wellbeing
Healthy life expectancy at age 65
Mortality from causes of death amenable to healthcare - excluding deaths from Ischaemic heart disease in the under-75 age group
Mortality from causes of death NOT Amenable to Healthcare
Deaths attributable to smoking
Diabetes – modelled prevalence
Diabetes – attributable mortality
Mortality from all circulatory disease - age under-75
Mortality from coronary disease - age under-75
Prevalence of coronary heart disease in people aged 16+
Emergency hospital admissions for Acute Myocardial Infarction
Hospital admissions for Cardiac Revascularisation
Mortality from Stroke - age Under-75
Emergency hospital admissions for Stroke
Mortality rate from All Cancers: age under-75
Cancer incidence: Trachea, Bronchus and Lung Cancer
Cancer incidence: Colorectal Cancer
Cancer incidence: Breast Cancer
Cancer incidence: Prostate Cancer
Cancer incidence: All Cancers
Mortality from Bronchitis, Emphysema & Other COPD - All ages Mortality from Pneumonia - All ages
Recorded COPD prevalence by GP practices
Sexually transmitted Infections - New diagnoses
Gonorrhoea - New diagnoses
HIV/AIDS - diagnosed prevalence
Chlamydia screening uptake
Chlamydia - New diagnoses
Dental health of children aged 5
Recorded dementia prevalence by GP practices
Dementia prevalence
Mortality from suicide and injury of undetermined intent
Prevalence of mental health problems
Prevalence of mental health problems in older people
Emergency hospital admissions for Fractured Proximal Femur
Hospital admissions for knee replacement
Hospital admissions for hip replacement
Access to Maternity Services
Number of people accessing NHS dentistry
Flu immunisation uptake
Childhood immunisations uptake
Breast-screening coverage
Offer of an appointment at a GUM service within 48 hours
Long-acting reversible contraceptive methods
Access to NHS-Funded abortions before 10 weeks gestation
Proportion of people with long-term conditions supported to be independent & in control of their condition
National Patients Survey Programme findings for local institutions
Patient experience of access to primary care
User-reported measure of respect & dignity in their treatment
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS): Service uptake

Current JSNA 2011 Briefing Notes and Datasets are available here.

Isle of Wight Public Health Annual Report (2008)

This document was one of the major contributing documents to the initial Isle of Wight JSNA (produced in October 2008).

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