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Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) 2011
Opportunity to Comment

The 2011 JSNA earmarks the formation of the Island’s first Health & Well being Strategy which is currently under development and will be open to public consultation in Spring 2012.

In order to help the Island’s public sector progress to a more robust and detailed needs assessment process, we would like to offer all residents the opportunity to comment on the content of the JSNA to understand if the data relates to your experience of living on the Isle of Wight and whether there are other areas of need not covered by the current assessment.

If you would like to send the Isle of Wight Council your comments these will be collated as part of the annual refresh of the JSNA and will help inform improvements to data sourcing and collection for the future.
Please use the following email address to send us your comments [email protected].

Many thanks from the Isle of Wight Council Business Intelligence Team.

Page last updated on: 08/06/2012