Isle of Wight
Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) 2011

We are pleased to launch this document for the Isle of Wight Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), 2011.

The JSNA will be a key part of the new local arrangements to improve health and wellbeing on the Island, outlined in the government’s public health white paper ‘Healthy Lives, Healthy People’. These arrangements will include the establishment of a local Health and Wellbeing Board, which will bring together Isle of Wight Council, NHS Isle of Wight and the emerging Clinical Commissioning Group, as well as other local partners. The Board will provide a framework for these organisations to take a joint approach to improving the health and wellbeing of the Island population.

The JSNA is intended to provide a comprehensive picture of the Island’s health and wellbeing, and will enable the Health and Wellbeing Board to develop an over-arching Health and Wellbeing Strategy for the Island. This strategy will respond to the needs and priorities identified in the JSNA, and plan what services and activities are required to address them.

This JSNA document starts by discussing the Island as a place and outlines the make-up of its population. It goes on to reflect the central themes of the Marmot Review, ‘Fair Society, Healthy Lives’;
  • That there are inequalities in health between different groups within the population which could be avoided.
  • That these inequalities, and health and wellbeing in the whole population, are influenced by wider ‘social determinants of health’, such as our material circumstances and social environment.
This document considers some of those social determinants, such as the economy, education and, housing. It goes on to discuss the health and wellbeing of children and adults on the Island. It concludes with a discussion about some of the Island’s health inequalities, including a focus on some specific groups likely to be at greater risk of experiencing them.

The Isle of Wight is at an early stage on its JSNA journey. As we move forward, we will develop the JSNA into a continuous process which will involve and incorporate the perspectives of our partner organisations whose work affects people’s health and wellbeing; of the new Healthwatch organisation for patients and carers; of the voluntary sector; and of the wider community. And we will ensure that information about health and wellbeing on the Island is made more easily available to all of those groups, in order to inform and improve decision-making and prioritisation at all levels.

Meanwhile we would welcome your comments on this document and we look forward to working with you within this process in the future.
Dr. Jenifer Smith
Director of Public Health
NHS Isle of Wight
Ian Anderson
Director for Community Wellbeing
& Social Care
Isle of Wight Council
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