2011 Census

Thank you for filling in your Census form

The 2011 Census forms that were completed in March 2011 are currently providing information that is being used to produce population estimates for the country as whole as well as all geographical regions and all local authority areas.

The information taken from the Census can help local authorities to understand the needs of different people and groups in their communities. This in turn will give a clear idea of the kind of services in areas such as housing, schools, transport and healthcare, needing to be considered about over the next ten years, and importantly help to make sure the appropriate central government funding to plan those services is obtained.

Further data and information about the 2011 Census is available from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) 2011 Census homepage.

2011 Census Results:

The first release of the 2011 Census took place on 16 July 2012. The ONS has published a full timetable of when it intends to publish the range of statistics that it will be releasing – The 2011 Census Prospectus.

In summary, there will be four planned releases of information between July 2012 and October 2013:
July 2012
Age, Gender and occupied households estimates for England & Wales
November 2012 to February 2013
Key Statistics and Quick Statistics*
March 2013 to June 2013
Local Characteristics**
July 2013 to October 2013
Detailed Characteristics, Detailed Theme and Armed Forces Tables ***
* - Key Statistics: These will provide information that covers all of the main Census topics.
Quick Statistics: Similar to key statistics arranged in a different format.

** - Local Characteristics: These cover all the main census topics and explore the ‘relationships’ between them.

*** - Detailed Characteristics: Similar to the Local Characteristics, but with a more detailed breakdown to explore.
Detailed Theme: Each table relates to specific themes against various topic headings.

Information for the Isle of Wight will be made available as soon after the release as we can, through these pages.

Latest Releases

First Release: Population and Household Estimates

The following document provides copies of a range of outcomes taken from the first release of information for the 2011 Census. This includes the number of households and usual resident population of the Isle of Wight, the South East and England and Wales by gender and age (5 year broad age bands).

Click on the document type you wish to view: PDF / Excel.

Census 2011: Proportion of returns completed online

The following document shows (in tables) the proportion of census returns that were completed online for regions and local authority districts, as well as Wards and LSOAs on the Isle of Wight. In addition there are links to maps showing the data for Wards and LSOAs on the Isle of Wight.

Click on the document type you wish to view: PDF / Excel.

This information is also available in a map by Ward (PDF) and LSOA (PDF)

Further information is available from the 2011 Census Update (February 2012) – click here to view.

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