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Apart from your insurance policy there is no automatic source of compensation for people whose homes have been burgled. The police officer dealing with your case should inform you inform you if someone is caught and charged for the burglary. If the the burglar is taken to court and convicted they may br ordered to pay you compensation.

For compensation to be appied for a court, you will be required to complete a Frorm MG19, obtainable from the police. You cannot apply for a compensation order yourself. Accurate details of your losses, with documentary evidence (eg receipts) where possible should be given. The police will then pass the information for the Crown Prosecution Service who will inform the court.

The court has to consider compensation in every appropriate case and decide whether to order an offender to compensation, and if so how much. The court must take into account the offender's circiumstances and ability to pay.

If the court decides to make an order it may not be for the full amount of your loss. When an order is made the offender will be required to pay the money to the court who will pass it on to you.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

If you have been physically injured by the burglar, you can apply for compensation under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. It does not matter whether the offender has been caught. There are however rules which will determine whether or not you receive compensation and you can find out more from the leaflet "Victims of Crime and Viloence, a Guide to the Criminal Injuries Comensation Scheme", which is available from the police. Victim Support, Citizens Advice Bureau or direct from:

The Criminal Injuries
Compensation Authority
Tay House
300 Bath Street
Glasgow G2 4JR