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About Public Rights of Way
The Rights of Way section of the Isle of Wight Council manages the most concentrated network of public rights of way in the UK. Within 38,000 hectares (147 square miles) there are 520 miles of rights of way which include 326 miles of footpath, 165 miles of bridleways, and 29 miles of byways. This equates to 3.5 miles of rights of way per square mile.

Under current legislation the Isle of Wight council has a duty to keep a record of these rights of way.
See Definitive map and statement for more details of this record.

The Isle of Wight council also has a duty to maintain and protect the public rights of way network.

Online Digital Definitive Map
The Definitive map for the Isle of Wight is now available in a digital format on our Digital Definitive Map page.
These maps can be viewed for any area on the island.

Path Closures
Please see our Closures page for all current path closures.

Isle of Wight Local Access Forum
The Isle of Wight Local Access Forum is a statutory body set up to advise the local authority about access to the countryside and coast. Please see the Isle of Wight LAF page for details of future meetings.

Isle of Wight Walking Festival
The Isle of Wight Walking Festival is the largest of its kind in the UK and holds walks and events for everyone.
Please see the Walking Festival website for more details.

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