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What is the One Link project?

The 'One Link' project was born out of the Isle of Wight's involvement in the information prescription pilot is a project run in conjunction with, and supported by the Department of Health.

The aim of the pilot, and now 'One Link' is to provide timely information for patients, carers, friends and professionals that can help a person manage their own condition, symptom or general topic of information.

There were 20 pilot's taking place, each looking at different long term conditions. For our pilot we looked at Older Persons Mental Health, and concentrating on the two conditions 'Dementia' and 'Depression'. As the pilot proved so successful the project has continued and we now cover over 20 conditions and topics.

What is 'One Link' NOT trying to do?

It is important to remember that as this is a sign posting service to try and ensure that everyone has access to the consistent, reliable and up to date information,  listed below there are a number of things the pilot does not do:-

  • The 'One Link' site is not intended as a self diagnosis tool, and will not tell you if you have any of the conditions. It will however provide information to help you manage the conditions and their symptoms.
  • The 'One Link' site and the information it provides is not a replacement for your doctor, carer or other person who may be involved regarding your health or social need. The information provided should be used in partnership with them to help and support you to manage your condition.