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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I find out what books and other materials are available in the library?
    You can search the library catalogue in any library on one of the dedicated computer terminals. Alternatively you can search the catalogues on the internet

  • Do any of your libraries have a lift installed?
    Yes, Lord Louis Library in Newport and Sandown Library

  • Do your libraries have baby changing facilities?
    The only libraries which have such a facility are Lord Louis Library in Newport and Ryde.

  • Where can I find books about yachting and other maritime subjects?
    You will find books on a wide variety of maritime subjects in all our branch libraries. Cowes Library houses the Island’s Maritime Collection.

  • What other books can I find on the catalogue which are not in the Libraries?
    The library catalogue includes books and other materials which are not housed in our branch libraries. These include: • Headquarters stack which is available for loan • Schools Library Service – not available for the general public • Ventnor Botanic Gardens – available for reference use only • Education Centre – not available for the general public

  • Where is the Register Of Electors available to view?
    The Full Register of Electors, which lists every elector registered on the Isle Of Wight, is available to view at County Hall, Newport. The Edited Register, which only lists those electors who have not asked to be excluded, is avaialble at all libraries on the Isle Of Wight, and may also be purchased in either a paper or electronic format.

  • What services do you provide for people with eyesight difficulties?
    We provide books in large print, talking books on tapes and cassettes, information in braille electronic format, and computer software and hardware to help people with eyesight difficulties.

  • What services do you provide for people with hearing difficulties?
    All our libraries have hearing loops and can also accept Typetalk calls. Many of our staff have been trained in communicating with people with hearing difficulties.

  • What services do you provide for people with special needs?
    We have adapted many of our services for people with special needs. For more details visit the Accessible Library Services pages on the website.

  • Do your libraries contain quiet areas for study?
    Most of our libraries are too small to accommodate a separate quiet study area. However, the Reference Library in Newport, and Ryde Library do have separate areas with desks which can be used for this purpose. The music room at Lord Louis Library can also be used as a quiet study area.

  • Where can I find books written about the Isle of Wight?
    You will find books about the Isle of Wight at all of our branch libraries. The main Local Studies Collection is housed at Library Headquarters in Cowes.

  • How do I join the library?
    Membership of the Library Service is free. If you are aged 16 years or over you can join at any of our libraries but you will need proof of your name. You can also join the Library Service online. If you are under 16, you will need to be accompanied by your parent/guardian with proof of their name.

  • Can I put up an exhibition in the library?
    We have exhibition galleries at Newport, Ryde, Bembridge and Freshwater libraries. You can book an exhibition space for up to 1 month. We charge a commission of 10% of sales for this service. To book an exhibition space contact the library where you wish to mount your exhibit.

  • Where can I visit the mobile library?
    The mobile library runs on a three week rota. Click on the link to find out when it is visiting your location.

  • How much does it cost to use the internet?
    Internet access is free at all libraries.

  • How can I reserve a book that is not in the Library?
    If the item is in stock or on order, you can reserve it online in the library or from home. If the item is not in stock, you can complete a form on the library catalogue or ask a member of staff. It costs 55p to make a reservation. However, if we borrow the book from another Library Service there is a further £5.45 charge

  • How can I access the internet?
    Internet computers (The People’s Network) are available in all our libraries except the two mobile libraries. To use an internet computer you must be a member of the Library Service and agree to the acceptable use policy. It is free to use the computers, but we charge 15p per A4 sheet for printing.

  • What do you charge for ex-library stock in your sales?
    DVDs £2.50 Videos 50p Books 40p - £3.00 CDs £1.50

  • Can I borrow CDs?
    CDs collections are in Lord Louis Library and Ryde Library only. However you can place a free reservation for CDs in stock from any of our libraries. There is a hire charge of £1.00 per week for single discs, and £2.00 per week for boxed sets.

  • Where can I find music books, orchestral scores, sheet music, performance sets, teaching guides etc?
    All our branch libraries contain books about music, and a selection of song books and music tutors. The Island's Music Collection is housed at Lord Louis and Ventnor Libraries. Orchestral sets, sets of vocal scores and books on music are housed at Ventnor Library. Individual playing scores, miniature scores, song books and tutors for a wide variety of instruments are housed in the Music Room at Lord Louis Library.

  • Where can I find information about Family History?
    The Reference Library in Newport contains the Family History Centre which includes records for the whole of England and Wales. You can book a microfiche reader for an hour at a time, by phoning the Reference Library (823800). You will also find Isle of Wight genealogical records at the County Records Office.

  • What can I use the computers for?
    As well as free internet all our computers have: Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access CD writers Internet-based email Scanners are available in all libraries Microsoft accessible tools available in each library

  • What are the library opening hours?
    To see the opening hours for all the libraries download the open hours file

  • Do I need to bring my ticket with me every time I want to borrow books?
    Yes. Library staff are not allowed to issue books etc to customers without seeing their tickets and a requirement to use the self-service kiosks.

  • What happens if I lose my ticket?
    Inform any local library as soon as possible, to prevent the possibility of someone else using the ticket. Provide proof of name, in order to obtain a new ticket, for which there is a replacement charge of £2.00 for adults and £1.00 for children. The charge for children is waived for the first replacement card.

  • Can I put my poster for an event on your notice board?
    Give a copy of your poster to the supervisor in your local library, for approval to be given. There are certain categories of poster that we do not display.

  • Do your libraries have fax/photocopying facilities?
    You can send and receive faxes at all Council-run libraries. Charges are made for this service. All Council-run libraries have colour photocopiers. Charges: Black & white photocopying 10p per A4 sheet; 20p per A3 sheet Colour photocopying 50p per A4 sheet; £1.00 per A3 sheet Receiving faxes 30p per A4 sheet Sending faxes UK 85p for the first page, 60p for subsequent pages Sending faxes abroad £1.75 per page

  • Is the internet safe for my child to use?
    All children under the age of 16 must have the consent of a parent or carer. Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult. Internet filtering software is applied to all children’s usage and chatrooms have been disabled.

  • How do I renew items I have out on loan?
    You can either visit or phone the library, phone the 24 hour renewal line (01983 822123) or renew your items over the internet. When you renew your items over the internet, you are directed to the library catalogue page. Once there, log on and you will be able to access your account, including your loans. To renew items by the 24 hour renewal line or the internet you will need your Library card number and your PIN.

Page last updated on: 27/05/2005