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The Isle of Wight Library Service provides a service that allows registered library users to learn up to 80 languages online.
To use this service for the first time you will need to create your own account on the Transparent Language website.
Logon to the library website using your library borrower number and PIN. If you do not know your PIN, contact your local library and they will be able to provide you with a new one.
Click on the link to Free Online Language Courses under My Library (on the left) and then click on the link to Transparent Language.
Click on LanguageCourses01the Sign Up Now button. You will be asked to create a logon name and password for yourself and will then be able to start your first lesson.
Once you have registered you can use the service by going directly to http://library.transparent.com/libraryhq/game/modern/login and logging in with the account details you have created.
You’ll soon be speaking the language of your choice!

Page last updated on: 19/06/2012