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 The Health Suite at the Heights is now closed for refurbishment.  It is scheduled to re-open early in 2013.

Far Infrared Therapy Cabin

Far infrared therapy cabinRegular use of the therapy cabin may assist with weight loss, relieving anxiety and stress, eliminate toxins, boost immune and cardiovascular system, improve circulation, reduce cellulite, promotes healing of sports injuries, relieve arthritic aches and pains, better quality of sleep, reduce blood pressure, improve overall health and fitness.

The far infrared therapy cabin uses organic bio-carbon fibre heat panels to rejuvenate, heal and detox your body.

Cabins can be used with either one or two people. Cabins include light therapy and a Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) light.

Where : Medina Leisure Centre

Monday to Friday
8am to 10pm

9am to 5pm

9am to 9pm

One Card: at the heart of fitness

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Far infrared therapy cabin (pdf)


Medina Leisure Centre
Fairlee Road
PO30 2DX
Tel (01983) 523767
Fax (01983) 530693
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