About Advocacy


Valuing People Now says advocacy is one of the ways people with learning disabilities can get more choice and control in their lives.

It says there should be more advocacy so that people can choose which kind of advocacy is right for them.

Some of the different types of advocacy are:
  • Self advocacy - speaking up for yourself.
  • Citizen advocacy - people who get to know someone with a learning disability so that they can help get their wishes understood and heard.
  • Short term, issue based or crisis advocacy - where people are (usually) paid to speak up for someone about a particular issue, or when they are in a crisis.


On the Isle of Wight we have an Advocacy Forum. The Forum is made up of people from different advocacy organisations. They meet to talk about how to make advocacy better.

The Forum has written a directory (a book) that tells you about the different sorts of advocacy there is on the Isle of Wight.
Different advocacy services help different types of people. For example, there are different services that help older people or carers or people with a learning disability. They also have a charter that says how the services should be. To find out more about each of these services or the charter, click on the boxes below.


If you want to print the directory, click on to the picture below. This will open the document so that you can print it.


Page last updated on: 19/03/2009