At the Council meeting on 16 May 2012 Councillor Susan Scoccia was elected as Chairman of the Isle of Wight Council and Councillor Ian Ward was elected Vice Chairman.

Councillor David Pugh remains Leader of the Isle of Wight Council.  He is also the Cabinet Member for Resources.

Councillor George Brown remains Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for the Economy and Regulatory Services.

Other members of the Cabinet are:

  • Cllr Edward Giles - Cabinet Member for Procurement, Fire, Highways and Transport
  • Cllr Dawn Cousins - Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and Education
  • Cllr Stuart Hutchinson - Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Housing
  • Cliir Dave Stewart - Cabinet Member for Public Health, Community Safety and Local Services

Other appointments are:

  • Regulatory Committee – Chairman: Cllr Richard Hollis; Vice-Chairman: Cllr Julie Jones-Evans
  • Appeals Committee – Chairman: Cllr David Williams
  • Audit Committee – Chairman: Cllr Roger Mazillius
  • Overview & Scrutiny Committee – Chairman: Cllr Vanessa Churchman
  • Scrutiny Panel: Children & Young People – Chairman: Cllr George Cameron
  • Scrutiny Panel: Health & Community Wellbeing – Chairman: Cllr Margaret Webster
  • Scrutiny Panel: Economy & Environment – Chairman: Chairman Cllr Wayne Whittle
  • Cabinet Secretary - Cllr Tim Hunter-Henderson