Billing and Recovery Administration

If you do not pay your instalments in full and on time, you will be sent a reminder.
If your account has reached this stage and you are having difficulty paying it is important that you contact us. It may be possible to make a different payment arrangement.
The terms of a reminder are that you must bring the account up to date within 7 days of receiving it. If within a further 7 days your account is still in arrears you lose your right to pay by instalments. This means that the whole balance of your account becomes due immediately. Any further delay in payment will result in a court summons being issued. As soon as the summons is issued court costs are added to your account.
If you pay in full, including the costs now, nothing further will happen. The court will be informed that you have paid and the case is automatically stopped. If any debt remains on your account on the hearing day the case will go ahead. In the vast majority of cases the Magistrate will issue a Liability Order. This confirms that you have to pay and grants the council permission to take formal recovery action. The council will also ask for a further amount of Liability Order costs, which are also added to your account.

Recovery Services

The council is legally obliged to collect all outstanding Non Domestic Rates. The Council has adopted a rigorous approach to collection and will use all the methods of recovery that are available. The Council can use any or all (but only one at a time) of the following methods of recovery in respect of each Liability Order.
Civil Enforcement Agents - who will write and call on you to enforce payment. If necessary the Enforcement Agent will seize your goods for sale at auction sufficient to cover your debt. They will also add their own charges to your account.
If these prove unsuccessful, the Council can apply for you to be declared Bankrupt or Committed to prison.
If a Company does not pay then the Council can request the company be liquidated.
If at any time you wish to settle your arrears you may do so.
You can pay via the internet with your Debit Card. Please access: to utilise the 24-hour payment facility.

How to contact us

Telephone 01983 823920 – Lines are open between 8.00 am – 6.00 pm Monday – Friday

E-mail: [email protected]

01983 823900

Write to
Isle of Wight Council
Revenues Division
Council Offices
Isle of Wight
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Opening Times: 8.30 am – 5.00 pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and 8.30 am – 4.30 pm Fridays.
Closed all day Tuesday

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