Homelessness Strategy

In 2003 we published our first Homelessness Strategy which set out a new approach to tackling homelessness that overturned many years of using bed and breakfast as temporary accommodation and emphasised the need to promote preventative work to provide housing solutions and reduce homelessness.

Five years on, we have reviewed this document and our service in consultation with our users, stakeholders and staff.

Our Homelessness Strategy for 2008 - 2013 was published on 30th July 2008 and highlights the work to be done within Housing Services to meet the ever increasing demand for affordable housing on the Island.

Dawn Cousins the Cabinet member for Health, Housing and Community Wellbeing stated:

Our approach to the critically important prevention agenda is a collective one which is set out in this strategy and is one designed to deliver continuous improvement in service provision for every household who needs our assistance to avoid becoming homeless.”

To download a copy of our current Homelessness Strategy, please click here

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