Access Keys

How to use access keysFor some people, using the mouse can be difficult. To help you to get to the main areas of our website, we have set up ‘Access Keys’ which mean you can use the keyboard instead of the mouse to get around the website.


To use any of the Access Keys, you need to follow these instructions:

  • Press and hold down the ‘Alt’ key (usually found in the bottom row of keys on the keyboard, on the left hand side next to the space bar)
  • Press the letter you want (from the lists below)
  • Press the ‘return’ key and you will be taken to the page you want.

We use the UK Government standard Access Keys as well as some specific ones for our website.

UK Government Standard Access Keys:
S – skip navigation
1 – Home page
2 – What’s new (on the main home page)
3 – Sitemap
4 – Search facility
5 – Frequently Asked Questions (coming soon)
6 – Help
7 – Complaints (coming soon)
8 – Disclaimers (including terms and privacy policy)
0 – This menu of access keys Access Keys:
L – Living here
V – Visiting
E – Learning and Education
W – Working
C – Your Council
O – Online Services
M – My profile