Opportunities from 2013

PFI Opportunities from 2013The Isle of Wight Council has appointmented a private sector partner under the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) to provide highway related rehabilitation and maintenance services.

The service provider will be working on our roads, pavements, street lighting and bridges; upgrading and maintaining them for the 25 year duration of the contract.

Given the scale of the programme, with spend of around £20m a year on the Island’s roads for each of the first 7 years (Core Investment Period), starting in 2013; the employment opportunities in the field are likely to be significant especially during this initial period.

From 2013 the Isle of Wight Council and our service provider may be looking for:

  • Quantity Surveyors;
  • Bridge and Structural Engineers;
  • Highways Design and Maintenance Engineers;
  • Clerk of Works;
  • Site Managers;
  • Geotechnical Engineers;
  • Administration (Accountants, Planners);
  • Electrical Engineers;
  • Environmental Specialists and Landscape Architects;
  • Tradesman – Bricklayers, Tarmac Layers, Carpenters.

What this could mean for you from 2013:

  • A chance to undertake a career in an exciting and innovative industry, one set to expand in the UK and abroad;
  • An opportunity to make a real difference to the Island and help support its economic growth.

You will need the required skill sets and appropriate training / skills for each job. The Isle of Wight Council is working with IW College, high schools and local universities to provide courses towards appropriate qualifications, to help put you in the best possible position to take advantage of these career opportunities.

These job opportunities are not available until the PFI starts in 2013. However, do remember these opportunities are expected be a reality as the PFI will be a catalyst to regenerate the Island alongside other pathfinder schemes such as the Cowes One School Pathfinder, Pan Housing and East Cowes regeneration proposals. Together these projects should help provide a stepping stone to ensure a long-lasting career on, or near to the Island and equip you with the knowledge to go elsewhere should you choose.

If you want to get involved and have, or are looking for a career in the engineering field that will give you the chance to work locally keep an eye out for these PFI opportunities!

Where do I go from here?

PFI Opportunities from 2013If you are currently studying your GCSE’s / A – Levels or equivalent and are interested in the Highways PFI Project but are unsure what options to take, remember to study / train towards a broad subject area. As the Highways PFI team are unsure of the exact requirements needed for the upcoming job opportunities it is always recommended that you have a plan B.

If you are soon to leave school and are interested in university or college but are unsure which course to take, the same advice applies as it is currently unknown whether the Highways PFI will be able to introduce funding incentives for students on sector related courses yet.

If you have recently finished your training / degree etc and want to work in an engineering field now, you could take up job opportunities elsewhere on the Island for a contractor, work within the council’s Highways department, or for a mainland firm. Transferable skills and experience can set you apart from other candidates and increase your employability prospects for when the Highways PFI commences in 2013.

For professional advice always ask your careers adviser.