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Name: Mr Reginald Barry
Political Group: Liberal-Democrat Group
Electoral Division: Nettlestone and Seaview
Address: 2 The Glade
Isle of Wight
PO34 5JA
Telephone: 612602
E-Mail: [email protected]
Mobile: 07792 672904

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Meeting Attendance

The table below gives a summary of the members attendance of meetings that they are a member of, over the last 12 months.

This Councillor was elected on 4th June 2009. Therefore attendance data is only available from this date.

Meeting Name Meeting Date Attended Meeting
Full Council 27/02/2013 Attendance
Regulatory Committee 25/02/2013 Attendance
Planning Sub Committee 19/02/2013 Attendance
Audit Committee 14/02/2013 Attendance
Regulatory Committee 11/02/2013 Attendance
Economy and Environment Scrutiny Panel 06/02/2013 Attendance
Employment Committee 28/01/2013 Attendance
Planning Sub Committee 22/01/2013 Attendance
Full Council 16/01/2013 Attendance
Planning Sub Committee 07/01/2013 Attendance
Planning Sub Committee 18/12/2012 Attendance
Audit Committee 13/12/2012 Attendance
Isle of Wight Pension Fund Committee 30/11/2012 Attendance
Children and Young People Scrutiny Panel 28/11/2012 Attendance
Planning Sub Committee 27/11/2012 Attendance
Full Council 21/11/2012 Attendance
Planning Sub Committee 23/10/2012 Attendance
Full Council 17/10/2012 Attendance
Planning Sub Committee 25/09/2012 Attendance
Audit Committee 24/09/2012 Attendance
Full Council 19/09/2012 Attendance
Planning Sub Committee 28/08/2012 Attendance
Full Council 22/08/2012 Attendance
Planning Sub Committee 24/07/2012 Attendance
Full Council 18/07/2012 Attendance
Planning Sub Committee 16/07/2012 Attendance
Audit Committee 28/06/2012 Attendance
Planning Sub Committee 26/06/2012 Attendance
Full Council 20/06/2012 Attendance
Licensing Sub Committee 18/06/2012 Attendance
Planning Committee 31/05/2012 Attendance
Economy and Environment Scrutiny Panel 30/05/2012 Attendance
Licensing and General Purposes Committee 18/05/2012 Attendance
Isle of Wight Pension Fund Committee 18/05/2012 Attendance
Full Council 16/05/2012 Attendance
Audit Committee 15/05/2012 Attendance
Planning Committee 01/05/2012 Attendance
Planning Committee 04/04/2012 Attendance
Economy and Environment Scrutiny Panel 28/03/2012 Attendance
Full Council 21/03/2012 Attendance