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Relocation Information

We understand that the decision to apply for jobs especially with us on the Isle of Wight may well mean that you have to relocate and is a decision that may not only involve you but could well include your partner and family.

Relocating, we know from experience can be a daunting prospect, however we truly believe that the Isle of Wight has much to offer including superb leisure and recreation opportunities for optimising the work-life balance.

We hope, at the very least to be able to sign post you to where you can easily find information about housing, moving, living and working on the Isle of Wight. The information detailed on this website is very comprehensive and will take you to the information you need all at the click of a mouse button!


Moving to the Isle of Wight

Please review the comprehensive information detailed within the Living Section on our website, including an A-Z of estate agencies and A-Z of removal companies:


Living on the Isle of Wight

All the practical information you could need when you get here regarding Doctor’s, council tax, refuse collection, planning services and much more can be found also. There is plenty to do once you are living on the Island and there is no better place to start planning how you will spend your leisure time than right here on www.iwight.com!

Learning on the Isle of Wight

Information on our Educational Services can be accessed on the web pages found by using the link below. Specially put together by our colleagues in Children’s Services, the pages include information regarding admissions and educational services including Post 16 guidance.


Page last updated on: 08/11/2005