The Isle of Wight Council provides a very wide range of services for the public and has divided itself into four directorates to enable it to manage these effectively.

You do not need to know how the organisation is structured in order to get the services that you want but it may be helpful for you to know how things work at times.

Chief Executive

The head of the organisation is known as the Chief Executive. The Chief Executive is responsible to Members for developing and implementing a range of policies in accordance with their wishes to meet their overall strategic objectives.

The Chief Executive has overall responsibility for the way in which the organisation delivers its services.


In addition to the Chief Executive there are Directors who are responsible for particular parts of the authority. They are responsible for ensuring that the organisation is structured in an efficient and effective way and for ensuring that that policies are implemented in a way which meets the overall strategic objectives of the Council.

Directors’ Group

The Directors’ Group is made up of the Directors and the Chief Executive and usually meets weekly to oversee the management of the organisation. The team is responsible for ensuring that the way in which services are provided is 'joined-up' and makes sense as a whole and not just from a directorate perspective.

Heads of Service / Strategic Managers

Heads of Service or Strategic Managers are the people who report directly to the Directors and are responsible for running individual services within the Council.

If you have problems getting the services that you want from the council, or if you make a complaint, the Head of Service or Strategic Manager responsible for the area involved will normally be responsible for dealing with the matter for you.

Services Provided

To see an A-Z list of the services that we provide, regardless of who provides them, please click here

Further Information

If you would like further information about how the organisation works or who you need to speak to, please contact our Contact Centre

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