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Major Adaptations

If the problems you are experiencing cannot be resolved by the provision of equipment or minor adaptations, we may need to look at undertaking major adaptations to access essential facilities in the property. Essential Facilities are bathrooms, toilets, sleeping facilities, a living room, kitchen facilities and /or internal and external access. Recommendations can include the following:

·         Changing the layout of rooms

·         Changing the use of rooms

·         Use of a lift


This type of work is not funded by the Occupational Therapy Department. To help with the cost there are currently grants available called Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG). These grants are means tested so, dependent upon your individual financial circumstances, you may either be awarded a full grant, be asked to contribute something towards the cost of the works, or you may not be eligible for any grant help. A panel reviews the information provided by your Occupational Therapist, GP, Housing Officer and others involved in your case to make sure the works are necessary, appropriate, reasonable and practical.

It is the Isle of Wight Housing renewal section of the council that administers this grant and an appointed Housing Officer will make a list of works that need to be done.

If you feel that you are unable to pay your assessed contribution then you will need to find an alternative source of funding, for example a commercial loan from a bank or building society. If you are genuinely unable to meet the cost or have any concerns about this then discuss the problem with your Occupational Therapist.

Applications for these grants require the support of an Occupational Therapist. It must be approved by the Disabled Facilities Grant Panel before the work is undertaken, and the grant cannot be paid after the work has been carried out.

How long will it take to get equipment or adaptations through the DFG process?
The length of time that it will take to provide equipment or carry out any adaptations depends on many factors. This can include the availability of disabled facilities grants funding. It can also depend on the lead times of manufacturers, suppliers and builders and the complexity of what is being proposed as well as the workloads of the different teams involved. This makes it extremely difficult to accurately advise on how long any particular work may take to complete.

A major adaptation of a person’s home which involves an application for a Disabled Facilities Grant can be a long process, often taking twelve months from assessment to completion. Where there is a critical need under Fair Access to Care guidance we will endeavour to speed this process.