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Online Self Assessment Tool

Equipment and adaptations can make things easier when carrying out every day tasks. Before beginning to look for equipment, it is important to be clear about exactly which tasks are becoming difficult. For each task pinpoint exactly why things are difficult.
This may seem obvious, however, not all difficulties are best helped by equipment. An item of equipment may be helpful in one situation and dangerous in another. With the right information and advice you can find out what is the best solution for your needs.


SmartAssist is a free comprehensive self assessment which has been provided to assist you. It uses knowledge gathered from professional Occupational Therapists. It will help you find products that will assist you to undertake daily tasks. It will tell you whether something will work for you or not.

You can use the site by yourself or with the help from a friend or relative. You can look at areas of your life where you think that a little help might be good – such as getting in and out of the bath or opening jars. All you have to do is answer a few question; it only takes 5 to 15 minutes depending on the problem area that you pick. You can save it and come back at any point if you do not have the information to hand.

The products can be ordered privately through the Red Cross, local dealers or by Mail Order.

The council currently provide services to people with needs that are assessed as critical or substantial, using national guidance called Fair Access to Care. If you wish to find out if you would be eligible before you decide to self purchase at your request a member of our team will contact you following your use of the site.

This System finds specific products/services that are matched to you based on things like:

·         Your height and sight

·         Your specific home environment e.g. bath width

·         Some Personal capabilities e.g. your balance

You will be asked only questions that will enable us to provide specific solutions. With users aged from 18 - 99 and including those with minimal IT skills, most people can find something to help them. We securely manage your data and personal information and you can be 100% sure we do not sell your personal identifiable information to third parties

Please save your assessment should you need more information, assistance or time to complete it. To use SmartAssist click here