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Street Naming and Numbering

Description of Service: The Isle of Wight Council is the statutory authority for the naming and numbering of streets and buildings on the Isle of Wight. Naming and numbering of streets and buildings is important for identifying property and ensuring properties & street names & number are logically allocated. Correct property naming and numbering aids responses to emergencies by ambulance, police and fire services and helps a variety of national and local organisations operate effectively. All Streets are recorded in the National Street Gazetteer (NSG) and all addresses are recorded in the NLPG (National Land and Property Gazetteer) to BS7666 standard format. Please see the additional weblinks below for information on the NSG & NLPG. If you wish to do the following, please use the form(s) provided: • Apply for street naming and numbering • Change name or number of a property • Apply for New property address • Query an address

Associated Forms

Form NameFill in Online
Application for street / property naming and numbering  Online Form
Property Name Change Form  Online Form
SNN Charges 2012  Online Form
Street Naming and Numbering Advice Policy  Online Form