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Listed Buildings Search - Terms & Conditions

For information about how buildings are listed and what that means - Click Here

This database is for information only and its accuracy is not guaranteed. Names of properties change over time and without notice and the information given relates only to the names in use when the list was drawn up. It does not detail the extent of curtilage or curtilage structures (those included in the listing because they are within the same boundary) so care is required in respect of buildings within the grounds or former grounds of listed buildings. A land search (which is map based and forms part of most property sale searches) is the normal way to check definitively whether or not a building is listed, and even these can be the subject of challenge in court in the case of curtilage matters. Remember that each listed building is someone’s property and may be their home so please respect their ownership and privacy. The publication of this list does not infer any rights in respect of any property.

Any queries relating to this list should in the first instance be addressed to Conservation@iow.gov.uk

Temporarily unavailable due to upgrade. If you need to find out if a building is listed, please call 01983 823552 and ask for Reception

I have read the above disclaimer and agree that the Isle of Wight Council shall not be liable in any way for any claim of whatever nature resulting from the use or reliance of the information contained within this database

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