Housing Strategy 2007-2012.

September 2007
This strategy sets the Isle of Wight’s strategic direction with regard to the identification of housing needs, housing conditions and other related housing support needs across all tenures on the Island. This is not just a strategy about providing ‘affordable housing.’

This strategy has been produced following extensive consultation during which we have listened to the views of our community and our partners. It represents a vision of where we are now, where we want our service to be, how we can
get there, and what resources we have and need to achieve our objectives.

This strategy focuses on delivering services on the Island that benefit the community as a whole, including young people, older people and those with social or medical needs.

This document represents a clear vision of what needs to be achieved over future years, identifies how local housing needs can be met through existing and new services. Although produced by the Isle of Wight Council, it seeks to encompass the views and perspectives of a wide range of key stakeholders.

What is the housing strategy?

It is the Island’s key housing document which drives forward key changes to take account of national, regional and local policy and emerging legislation in meeting local housing needs and housing related issues.

The Island’s housing service has worked hard to make sure that we have listened to the views of residents, organisations and individuals who work in partnership with us. During this process we have identified gaps in existing services and will, in this strategy, set out our plans to deliver future improvements.

We wish to create a strategy that delivers a balanced housing market and provides low cost homes for Island residents. This will enable maximum opportunity for people to find solutions to meet their own needs whilst retaining services that deliver effective assistance to those in high need.

What does this strategy contain?

This strategy is designed to be user friendly. What it aims to do is:
• show what the community told us they thought needed to be done;
• provide information about national, regional and local policies;
• provide information about the Island now and in the future;
• set out what we can do and what we would like to do;
• show the resources that are available to deliver the strategy;
• set out an action plan for delivering it.

Where can I get more information?

Please either click on the document to open it as a pdf or contact Housing and Community Support, 7 High Street, Newport, PO30 1SS for more information.

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