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An Introduction
The Highways Design Section forms part of the Engineering Services Department based at Enterprise House, which in turn lies within the Directorate of Economic Development and Regeneration.
Due to the current re-organisation, we have recently merged with the Highways section of Development Control and are currently in the process of merging with the Maintenance Section. This will bring the majority of Highway elements into one key area. The Highways Design section will however, remain the Internal Consultants for the remainder of Engineering Services.
The Design Section is currently responsible for the following:
  • Management of highway bridges, retaining walls, and other highway structures.
  • Design and project management of highway and bridge schemes.
  • Highway Development Control – Section 38 and Section 278 Agreements
The scope of projects that come under our remit are:
  • Highway Improvement schemes: New, Reconstruction and Maintenance works.
  • Traffic Management schemes.
  • Traffic Calming schemes.
  • Footway Improvements.
  • Bridge strengthening works and reinforced concrete replacement bridge decks.
  • Inspection and Maintenance regimes of Culverts, Footbridges, Subways, Bridges, Tunnels and Retaining Walls.
  • Esplanade and Town Centre Improvements.
  • Cycle Track Works.
  • Park & Ride facilities
  • Inspections of private developments
  • Highway comments on planning applications
We will endeavour to disseminate relevant information to the public and to other departments regarding the works undertaken by this section.
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Page last updated on: 22/11/2005