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The School Transport Team has the responsibility for the Procurement and Management of Home to School transport for around 4,000 mainstream, Special Educational Needs (SEN) and IW College students who have been assessed by the Schools & Learning Division as being eligible for a Scholars Term Ticket.

The majority of transport for mainstream scholars is on the contracted Home to School bus services provided by Southern Vectis. A small number of students travel by Southern Vectis public network services or by local taxi operators due to their needs or geographical location.
Students with special educational needs are generally conveyed by Southern Vectis SEN bus services or by local taxi operators. Specialist safety seating is provided where a need is identified and highly trained passenger escorts travel on all of the SEN bus services. All drivers and passenger escorts employed on school contract operations are required to be in possession of a valid Enhanced CRB disclosure. Please see below images of the two types of vehicles in the Southern Vectis Livery which will be used on the SEN bus services to Medina House & St George’s Schools.
Particular emphasis is placed upon the safety of children and to this end initiatives such as the School Transport Code of Good Practice and the use of CCTV on buses have been introduced. Bad behaviour by students that puts at risk our staff, the staff of our contractors, fellow passengers or other members of the public or other road users will not be tolerated. We appreciate that the overwhelming majority of those who travel on school transport services do so in an appropriate manner and we will endeavour to make their travel to school experience as pleasant as possible.
If you would like further information on the home to school transport services that we provide then please contact us at [email protected] or on (01983) 823780.

If you have a query related to whether your child is eligible for free home to school transport, please contact Schools & Learning Division on (01983) 823455


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