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Transport Arrangements Commencing September 2012 – 2013

These webpages are currently being updated with timetable and route information and should be complete by Thursday 30 August. This message will be removed once all updates have been completed.
Scholars Term Tickets for students eligible for home to school transport will be available from your school on the first day of term. On the first morning of the academic year, students who are eligible for a Scholars Term Ticket will be permitted to travel on the school bus without payment.
Students who are not eligible for a Scholars Term Ticket and who would like to purchase a spare seat on a school bus service please click here and complete the e-form. Once this e-form has been submitted to the School Transport Team they will decide whether a spare seat is available or not and if so the charge per term will be calculated. This is calculated on a pro rata basis at a rate of £1 per day. The School Transport Team will inform you of a decision as soon as possible, at which point the Spare Seat Scholars Term Ticket will be issued.
On school bus services where more than one vehicle is allocated, students must board the first vehicle with seats available to ensure that they are able to get to school on time. Unforeseen circumstances may mean that the regular subsequent vehicles do not serve the bus stop.
In order to ensure that your child is waiting for the bus to school at the right time and at the right bus stop, follow the links below to view all of the school bus service timetables plus route information and maps. All official bus stops along the routes will be served, though the school bus service vehicle should be hailed on approach to ensure that the driver is aware that you intend to travel.


Primary Schools


Secondary Schools

Page last updated on: 23/08/2012