The DAAT has to provide detailed plans annually to the National Treatment Agency (NTA) as to how it intends to work with treatment providers and the community to reduce Substance Misuse on the island

The latest Plan is for the year from 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011 and comprises various documents which are accessible by the following links:

Needs Assessment ATP 2010

Adult Treatment Plan 2010/11 Part 1

Adult Treatment Plan 2010/11 Part 2

Adult Treatment Plan 2010/11 Part 3

Our planning has already commenced for 2011/12 and input is sought from all Stakeholders through a formal event to be held at The Riverside Centre on 28 September 2010. Full details may be obtained by contacting Mike Ackrill on (01983) 550980.

Feedback may also be provided through the completion of the short Questionnaire below:

Questionnaire 2011-12 Needs Assessment

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