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Paying over the Internet.

visa debit
What is E-Commerce? Are my details safe?
Which services can I pay for? The payment process

Are There Any Restrictions?

Will I receive a receipt
Are there any Additional Costs? Which types of cards can I use?

What is E-Commerce?

E-commerce is the facility to pay for goods and services over the Internet using electronic payment methods (Debit Card or Credit Card).


Which Services can I pay for?

You can now pay for the follwoing services online:

B & B Contributions
Business Rates
Excess Charge Tickets
*** NEW *** Island Residents General Parking Permit
Car Parking Permits(General)
Car Parking Permits (Named)
Check your balance (Council Tax, Business Rates, Debtor Invoices, Homecare Statements)
Council Tax
Debtor Invoices
Homecare Statements
Copy Birth, Death and Marriage certificates


Are there any restrictions?

Yes. The maximum amount you can pay in one transaction is £2000.00. All payments are deemed to be in POUNDS STERLING


Are there any additional costs?

No. There are no additional charges for paying by credit/debit card.


Are my details safe?

Yes. Upon entry to the on-line payment facility you will be connected to the Council's secure server, which means that the processes are encrypted between your machine and the authority's server. When you reach the stage of entering your personal card details the Council will link you directly (again providing an encrypted link) to the Councils Electronic Card Service Provider, NatWest Streamline Merchant Card Services.

The Council will use the transaction details you provide for the sole purpose of administering your account(s), furthermore the Council does not at any time store your credit or debit card personal details.

Non-Secure web pages all begin with "http" - the address for a secure site will always begin with "https".


The payment process

To enable your payment to be allocated and processed against the correct account(s) the payment form asks you to select from the drop down box provided, the Type of Payment (e.g. Council Tax, Sundry Debtors), enter the respective Account Reference Number and specify the amount you are paying (all amounts must be entered in pounds and pence with a decimal point e.g. 110.78).

The form allows you to make a payment against 4 individual Accounts per card payment transaction (an individual Account Reference Number should only be specified once per card payment transaction) and displays a 'Payment Confirmation' screen showing the individual payment details you have entered and the total payment value due.

The form continues by requesting you to enter your name, e.mail address and if possible your postal address and daytime contact telephone number. This information will be held for customer contact purposes only and will not be released to any other organisation.

Please Note: If you wish to request a credit/debit card refund against monies previously paid to the Council, then you must apply either in writing to the Cashier Supervisor, Civic Centre Cash Office, The Broadway, Sandown Isle of Wight PO36 9EA, or telephone (01983) 821000 or by e.mail to cashiers@iow.gov.uk


Will I receive a receipt

If your card payment is approved then you will automatically receive an e.mail electronic official Receipt detailing all the items your payment covered, if however your card payment is 'declined' then you will receive an electronic acknowledgement confirming that your internet payment process has been terminated.


Which types of cards can I use?

The Council will accept payments made against the following cards:

visa debit

The Council will NOT accept payments made against either Visa Electron or American Express Cards