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EduWight is changing

Over the last 12 months much of the content on EduWight has been moved to iwight.com. This will help ensure that in future the website can be maintained with the most up to date and useful information for visitors. Read more about the changes we are making to iwight.com here.

Over the next 6-8 weeks we plan to move any remaining content that is required to iwight.com and decommission EduWight, ensuring all Education related content is available still on our main website. If you have any feedback or questions use the e-mail address newiwight@iow.gov.uk

Visit the Eduwight website

As part of the council's continuing stategy to improve online services, we are in the process of consolidating information and moving it to iwight.com. Content now available on iwight.com includes:




If you are a parent, use iwight to find out about school term dates, school meals, school transport and special education provision. This section also includes advice on bullying, homework and parents’ rights.

If you are a student, iwight features many areas of interest including learning choices for 14-19 year olds and post 16 opportunities. As well as providing details for youth clubs, projects and learning centre’s, there are links to leisure websites and activities, careers services and further education institutions. Eduwight also hosts a range of information about adult and community learning for the more mature student which includes distance and online learning.

Also find out more about becoming a school governor and the role of the chair of governors and clerk to the governors.

If you still wish to visit the Eduwight website please use this link www.eduwight.iow.gov.uk