Springvale Beach is easily accessed either by foot or car with Public transport available nearby. Springvale has a long sandy and pebble beach providing safe swimming for visitors. The area is peaceful which makes this an ideal family beach. During the summer season Springvale beach is litter picked on a daily basis and large amounts of seaweed are removed and taken to local farmers for use as compost. Safety is of the utmost importance and emergency equipment such as Lifebelts are strategically located along the Esplanade in order to ensure safety at any time of the year.

Since 1997 Springvale has not only been able to fly the Seaside Award Flag but has also been successful in displaying its Water Quality Award.

Like anywhere, Springvale has its natural hazards, so be sure to take notice of the safety signs and also read the safety guidelines and have a good time. Information is provided at each area so check this out.

For further information on this resort please phone 01983 823893. Someone is always available from Monday to Friday to help you with your enquiries.

Should you need to report a problem such as broken glass or damage to premises, the Isle of Wight Council provides an emergency service for these type of problems. The number to call out of hours is 01983 821105.