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Fire Education in Schools

Fire Education in Schools

Fire Safety education is a key part of the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service’s commitment to the safety of our community. Central to this is our comprehensive education programme which focuses on personal fire safety and domestic fire safety. Ultimately, all children will receive this valuable information and knowledge as part of their ‘lifelong learning’ during their time within Key Stages 1 and 2. By teaching them these important lessons at an early age, we hope they will gain the knowledge to become safer adults. Children also take the fire safety messages home with them, teaching their parents about smoke alarms and fire safety.

Fire and Rescue staff visit primary schools and middle schools across the Island to deliver key fire safety messages to children in Year 2 and Year 5. The programme links in with the National Curriculum non-statutory guidelines for PSHE (Personal Social and Health Education) and Citizenship. The learning objectives for Year 2 are:

  • To be able to identify matches and lighters as a danger.
  • To know that ‘999’ is the emergency number.
  • To know the ‘Stop, Drop, Roll’ procedure.
  • To know to crawl low in smoke.

In Year 5, children are taught:

  • The need for smoke detectors and an escape plan.
  • How to respond to a fire alarm.
  • How to make the home a safer place.
  • How to make an emergency 999 call.

Electrical Fire Safety

To get children involved with Electrical Fire Safety by using safety messages and other resources, click on this link for the switchedonkids website.