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DFT Grant 2011

Additional funding from the Department for Transport for 2011.

After a second exceptionally cold and prolonged winter the Government through the Department of Transport decided to make available £200m to local highway authorities to support the repair of the considerable damage caused to our roads.

In March 2011 the Isle of Wight Council received £800k of these additional funds which when added to our existing reactive maintenance budget facilitated a more extensive and permanent repair programme of works to be undertaken.

These additional funds were utilised to identify and implement three different highway maintenance programmes across the Island.

The work completed using this additional funding included the following maintenance work:

  • Localised pothole repairs including specialised pothole treatments to traffic sensitive routes.
  • A targeted programme of minor patching work to restore the overall integrity of the road where there are numerous potholes regularly occurring in or around the same location.
  • Resurfacing schemes (in addition to this years planned schemes).

These programmes are to be completed before the end of September 2011.

All of the work is being carried out in addition to the Councils capital road maintenance which has an allocated budget of £2,835,000 and the revenue maintenance budget which has an allocated budget of £2,024,093.

The following table identifies the locations where the additional funding from the Department of Transport has been deployed. Please click here for details.