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Council Meetings

Attending Meetings

All meetings of the Council are open to the public and you may come and go during the meeting as you wish, provided that this does not disrupt proceedings.

On occasions, the public and the press may be asked to leave the meeting if material of a commercially confidential or other sensitive nature is being considered, but this should be the exception rather than the norm.

Depending on where the meeting is being held there may be a public viewing gallery which is readily accessible. On other occasions, chairs will be provided at the rear of the room where the meeting is being held. You are encouraged to use the facilities that are provided and not to worry about moving about when speakers are talking provided that you do so quietly.

In some cases, the door to the meeting room may be shut to keep out external noise. Please feel free to open the door and walk in without being invited, unless there is a notice on the door prohibiting this.