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How to get Involved

The council would like as many users, carers, organisations, clubs and service providers as possible to get involved in helping us to get the changes right.

People Matter IW

People Matter IW is the Island’s user-led organisation.

The vision for People Matter IW is to ensure Island residents can shape and direct the support/services they need to live the life they choose.

People Matter IW is building a strong, independent collective voice for individuals and relevant organisations, to influence policy and practice and to be heard at higher strategic levels. 

People Matter IW is working towards enabling access to services which can help with independent living, health and wellbeing. This is by providing information about the organisations which offer help and support.

People Matter IW welcomes any new members who define themselves as having support needs, or organisations who support people with support needs - including disabilities (temporary or permanent), people with mental health concerns, carers and people on direct payments or in receipt of personal budgets, and those who self-fund their own support.

For more information or contact details please visit the website www.peoplematteriw.org