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Carers' Support Role

Commissioning officer for carers

The council and the NHS will be working in partnership with Carers UK to make a difference for carers living on the Isle of Wight and have developed a new role to support carers in ensuring the Isle of Wight Carers’ Strategy is reviewed and refreshed as required in line with the National Carers’ Strategy.

Caring is something many of us are faced with at various times in our lives. Looking after a friend or family member when they need care can be immensely rewarding, but it can also be incredibly stressful and exhausting at times. And without the right support, it can take a serious toll on your own health, sometimes leaving you with the last thing you want – not enough energy to care.

How can the commissioning officer help me?

The commissioning officer will be actively attending carers’ groups across the island to listen and learn carers’ views and help to address any unmet needs for carers.

Working in partnership with Carers UK, they will ensure that carers are getting the right support with advice and information, and know where to turn when things are not going as well as they would like.

Please contact the commissioning officer if you are a carer or carers’ group and would like to know more about the support/work that is currently being undertaken or would like someone to attend any carers’ groups.